Kmuse’s Book Reviews (May 24, 2022)

This week finds a mix of classic and new books that have caught my fancy. Add in a game themed webtoon, and you have a bit of something for everyone. Come find out which books I think you should start ASAP.

Book I Couldn’t Put Down

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I randomly bought this book when it came on sale a few years ago in ebook form. It has sat on my digital shelf, ignored until I randomly pushed download. I read the first page and literally could not stop till I hit that last sentence on the final page. IT WAS SO GOOD! It is the perfect mix of fantasy, epic storytelling, and steamy sizzle that had me invested in our OTP and craving more.

Poppy and Hawke are layered in a way we rarely see in a romance novel, and the world they inhabit just leaves me breathless. It was so well done that it took me till almost the end to realize that this is a vampire and werewolf story at its base level. When a trope is so well done you don’t realize it is a trope, that means you have a good book.

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A book that made me want to go have a proper English tea

Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder by Catherine Lloyd

Compelled by circumstance to accept the post of lady’s companion to a wealthy widow, Lady Caroline Morton soon finds her duties entail investigating a murder.

There were several aspects of this novel that I enjoyed. The first is the writing style, which I found engaging. Caroline’s story was unique, which made me care about her story. I found myself rooting for her to discover everyone’s secrets, even when doing something stupid. The final mystery reveal was satisfying for the most part. There were the occasional open-ended plot arcs that were annoying, but I could ignore them for the most part and be happy.

Now for the negative. While I did enjoy the characters and the mystery, I found it annoying that Caroline’s style of investigating was to go up to every character and blurt out facts, hoping that some new bit of info would come forward. I prefer a more subtle sleuthing style in my cozy mysteries, and I will be taking off a point for that reason. I give this book a solid 3.75/5 and recommend giving it a chance to charm you.

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Webtoon that I had to read when I was not in public since I kept laughing out loud

Let’s Play (webtoon)

Join an ensemble cast led by introvert video game creator Sam, who is forced out of her shell when dealing with her new neighbor. This webtoon is one of my all time favorite reads and I am crossing my fingers that it is adapted into a drama. The characters are all charming, the story is zippy, and there are multiple possible love interests that all are perfect. So much so that I am having problems deciding who I want to be endgame. Give it a peek here and tell me who your endgame OTP is!

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Have you already tried out any of these great picks? What are your thoughts? And as always, feel free to leave your book/webtoon suggestions in the comments. I always love adding more recommendations to my TBR pile.

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