Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Break Chill

School’s out for summer in our part of the world, and I’m ready to slow down, sit back, and just chill with the new music that’s dropped this week. Songs featuring fan-favorite artists, profound raps, and youthful rookie enthusiasm are ready to spin – come check out this week’s Top 5!


Following their departure from JYP, GOT7 members spent the past year and a half pursuing solo ventures. But much to the surprise and delight of their fans, all seven members have returned with a new 6-song EP! I’m loving their title track MV for ‘NANANA’ – it’s a perfect combination of bright colors, smooth vocals, and a relaxed vibe!

Kang Daniel – ‘Upside Down’

Heeeeeey— ‘Upside Down’ is throwing down some retro feels, both in sound and choreography. I’ve been impressed with KD’s dance skills in the past, but I was super surprised when he busted out his best b-boy moves during the bridge! 

PSY – ‘Happier’ (feat. Crush)

It wasn’t until this MV for ‘Happier’ came across my Youtube feed that I really appreciated the depth and emotion of PSY’s rap lyrics. The cute, animated storytelling belies a more serious message than first meets the eye . . . what kind of happiness are you chasing?

GIRIBOY – ‘불로부터 (Issu du Feu)’

This is one of those MVs that’s a bit eccentric and different. The song’s opening beat pulled me in. Then I found myself curious about the unique backdrop architecture. The diversity of backup dancers was an unexpected delight. And finally, the piano instrumental at the end seemed an odd, yet fitting, choice for the conclusion of the song. It was a quirky journey that, for some strange reason, felt slightly reminiscent of the classic Fat Boy Slim MV, ‘Weapon of Choice’. I can’t really explain it, but I like it!

Luminous – ‘Wish You Were Here’

This rookie group really caught me off guard – ‘Wish You Were Here’ is a sweet, unassuming song that quickly stole my heart. Maybe it’s the fond reminiscence of youth or maybe it’s the combination of the members’ beautiful vocals. . . either way, this song has zoomed to the top of my summer playlist! 

Bonus Track: DRIPPIN – ‘So Good’

DRIPPIN recently released an new JP single and ‘So Good’ definitely lives up to it’s name! No chill vibes here – bright and bouncy, this song is here to hype you up for summer!! 

I cannot wait for all the summer bops to drop!! What upcoming comebacks are you most looking forward to this summer?? Share with me in the comments below!!



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