Top 8 Kpop MVs: Blissful Ballads

It’s been a roller coaster of a week for us Kpop fans… and it’s taking me some time to process and work through all my emotions. So maybe that’s why this collection of ballads and chill songs have spoken to me and helped soothe my tender heart. Join me as we take a deep breath and a slow walk through this week’s tranquil tracks. 

BTS – ‘For Youth’ 

My heart breaks and is healed all in one song – l’m smiling through the tears. If you know, you know. And if you don’t . . . just enjoy this beautiful ballad. 

Davii – ‘Now’ 

I have fallen in love with this song. Davii’s slightly raspy voice coupled with the simple piano melody is beautiful and slightly haunting. I also enjoyed the jazz accompaniment that joined mid-way through and the modern dance feature at the end. All the elements blended together to create the perfect package.

BIG Naughty -‘Beyond Love’ (feat. 10CM)

Check out what happens when two rappers come together to create a song reminiscing about a first love that just can’t be forgotten. ‘Beyond Love’ is a surprise mix of chill with an undeniable head-bopping beat. This relaxed duet really hits the spot and had me looking up lyrics so I could sing along with the chorus.

Jeong Dong Won – ‘Angel’s Hair’

Fifteen year-old trot prodigy Jeong Dong Won released his first mini-album recently, featuring ‘Angel’s Hair’ as the title track. His pure, youthful vocals and the bright sound of the song combine to make this trot ballad feel like comforting, cozy blanket for your soul. 

BOL4 – ‘Seoul’

I’ve always enjoyed Ahn Ji Young’s unique voice and her new song ‘Seoul’ is no exception! This story of falling in love, set to the backdrop of the city of Seoul, takes on a magical beauty in this beautiful, dream-like music video. 

Seo In Guk – ‘My Love’ (feat. Ravi)

This one’s for Kmuse! The fangirls are all waiting for the premiere of Seo In Guk’s upcoming drama Cafe Minamdang. But in the meantime, we have some new music from our talented actor-idol to keep us company. This jazzy, ballad highlighting Seo In Guk’s silky-smooth vocals is sure to melt a fangirl or two. 

Lim Young Woong – ‘Rainbow’

I don’t know if you can describe a ballad as bouncy, but I’m calling it! “Rainbow” is a delightfully, sweet stroll through the streetlight-lit streets of Paris. Reigning trot king Lim Young Woong has captured the hearts of every ahjumma in South Korea and mine too! I can’t listen to this song and not smile! 

Stray Kids – ‘Your Eyes’

Okay, okay, I confess… this song made the list 100% due to the MV! The first-person perspective of filming combined with the boyfriend-style storytelling is absolutely the most adorable thing and I swooned hard! This ballad is a surprising departure from Stray Kids’ usual musical sound, but I have NO complaints – it’s just so sweet and lovely. 

Bonus Track: Stray Kids – ‘Circus’

I couldn’t end this post without sharing something a bit more animated! From their recent Japanese album of the same name, ‘Circus’ is a fun new bop from Stray Kids. I loved the styling for the MV as well as the inclusion of that signature “Big Top” sound towards the end of the song. This is one trip to the circus you don’t want to miss out on! 

(You can enjoy all of these MVs on this playlist right here:

How we feeling now, Kpop friends? Weary hearts restored? Tell me. . . what songs take the top spot on your ballad playlist? Drop those titles in the comments below!



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