Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Comebacks Can’t Wait

Let’s get your July started with some fun numbers from our favorite singers, shall we? Sunmi, Super Junior, and more have new MVs out, and they are a TON of fun. Come see what I mean in this week’s top kpop MVs post!

Sunmi – “Heart Burn”

This rather chill song is quite the contrast to the MV! Sunmi’s braids are enchanting, but the underlying black widow storyline took me by surprise! 

Super Junior – “Don’t Wait”

SuJu are as charming as ever, and I love seeing how a kpop group carries on after everyone’s been through the military. Turns out they can still dance!

Kang Daniel – “How We Live” feat. sokodomo

What a great duet, enhanced by a playful MV that just makes me smile. Kang Daniel’s voice always makes me stop and listen!

GOT7 – “Shining on Your Night”

It’s wonderful to see GOT7 performing together after their giant leap into the unknown, and this sweet ballad for Yumi’s Cells 2 shows that they’re as strong as ever. 

Huta – “Boom”

BTOB solo ventures are no joke, and Huta is here to prove that yet again. This song is a solid, danceable EDM number, but the MV is as intense as a Texas summer. 

What are you listening to right now, music fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know! In the meantime, you can watch this week’s MVs here:

Until the next comeback, I remain –

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  1. SuJu’s MVs with stories always make me laugh. This new one, Mamacita, Black Suit…they know how to have fun with each other.

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