4 Reasons to check out Love Like the Galaxy

Kmuse and Drama Geek are obsessed with this new Chinese drama and want to share their reasons as to why you should be watching it too.


Young Cheng Shao Shang was left behind because her parents had gone off to fight in the war. In order to protect herself from her scheming aunt, she had to be extra diligent while pretending to be the opposite. However, years of estrangement have made it difficult for them to become family again. Lacking love her whole life, Cheng Shao Shang is both pragmatic and insecure in choosing a partner for marriage. She encounters three men—the emperor’s adopted son Ling Bu Yi, the talented Yuan Shen of Bailu Mountain, and the aristocrat Lou Yao—who each have their pros and cons. Although the road to love is bumpy, she never regrets any choice she makes. (MyDramaList)

Reason #4 – Cunning and street-smart heroine

Kmuse: Shao Shang is such a unique character. She is in a social station where females are expected to be very educated and able to take over the running of houses and such. Another option is to be traditionally educated in war strategies so she could take after her General Mom. The fact that she doesn’t have that traditional training is a huge stressor to her family and Shao Shang herself. I love that we are watching her grow and mature into someone dealing with her limitations and overcoming them in a spectacular fashion. I am 100% Team Shao Shang.

Drama Geek: The show does an excellent job at showing her strengths and making you realize that the traditional teachings might be useless in the type of life she wants to live. She’s a mastermind at getting revenge on the annoying girls surrounding her. She also uses her engineering powers for good when she’s faced with being kidnapped and killed. Girl saved everyone and did it looking like she knew how to fight.

Reason #3 – Three romantic possibilities

Kmuse: Those that follow my thoughts on dramas know that I am totally open to having multiple romances before settling down. So often we get just one “fated” love line and that is that. With this drama, we are getting legit multiple relationships. Do I have one that I think will eventually be endgame? Yes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy her growing as a person by dating various people along the way.

Drama Geek: I am wary when I start a Cdrama, because you might spend ten episodes thinking she’s interacting with the male lead, and then all of the sudden the real lead shows up. You have to protect your heart! This show makes it pretty clear who her end game is, but I appreciate that she actually gets a chance for a sweet first crush before she settles in for the main romance. Most of us experience many loves before we find the one.

Reason #2- Strong storytelling and cinematography

Kmuse: I am a big fan of the director’s choices in this drama. The various drone and creative angle techniques are really working for me. His ability to get that perfect comedic shot, usually involving our leading lady, is also notable. I also am a huge fan of Guan Xin Ze Luan, who wrote the novel The Story of Ming Lan. Like Ming Lan, Love Like the Galaxy has a wonderful slow narrative based on family relationships. The pacing and story arcs just work for me and make me happy.

Drama Geek: I think the strongest part of the show is the storytelling. You have to get past the nonstop crying of the first two episodes, but after that, the family relationships really take center stage and are wonderful to watch. The mother/daughter relationship is as tumultuous as most teen relationships with their mothers go. I am a HUGE fan of all the characters on her side of things. The emperor is also a total hoot.

Reason #1- Shao Shang has chemistry with everyone

Kmuse: When it comes down to it, the real reason this drama works is that Shao Shang is so likable. She is funny when she needs to be funny and heartwrenching when things need to be sad. She also has chemistry with every other actor in the drama. When she is on screen with someone, the chemistry just sizzles. Whether it is family, enemies, or possible love interests….this girl just brings out the best in everyone’s performance.

Drama Geek: I agree. The character glues everything together and makes for a really fun watch.

There you have our reasons to check out Love Like the Galaxy! If you are already watching, be sure to let us know in the comments what your favorite aspects of the show are.

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