Kmuse’s Musings: Must Watch Chinese 2022 Dramas

This summer has been the summer of Chinese dramas for this drama fan. For some reason, I was hooked on a lot of Chinese shows rather than the balance I usually have between them and kdramas. So I decided it was high time to share some of the favorites that had me binging late into the night.

Love Between Fairy and Devil

This drama is absolute crack, and I couldn’t stop watching. Talk about the perfect show for a binge-watch, Love Between Fairy and Devil is literally unstoppable. The romance between our fairy and devil characters was brilliant, and the chemistry absolutely sizzled. Add the beautiful fantasy setting and well-done special effects and you have a drama that is so much fun. Just a warning, the female lead’s voice is a bit annoying, but I promise you won’t even notice after the story sucks you in. I think it is not overstating to say this is the must-watch drama of the year.

Dream of Splendor

Zhao Pan Er (Crystal Liu) is one of those unique characters that are so strong that they pull a whole drama together under the strength of their charisma. It is rare that we get a historical drama that focuses so strongly on female trials and tribulations that A Dream of Splendor has a refreshing feel while watching. Through, sismance, romance, and a lot of street savvy dealings, we get a strong drama that will leave you very satisfied at the end of the day.

Love Like The Galaxy

This drama has everything you could be looking for in a historical drama. We have a family that is chock full of big personalities. Who, despite their inner bickering, love each other deeply when outside forces attack them. We have a heroine, Shao Shang, who is smart and takes no abuse without giving payback to her bullies. And not one, not two, but three possible love interests. And while we know who Shao Shang is going to end up with, her emotional journey and growth with all three are pretty epic. You will not be disappointed by pushing play and starting this epic journey.

The Murder in Kairoutei

This is my pick for a modern drama for those who are not fans of historical or fantasy shows. The Murder in Kairoutei is a very strong mystery that will have you clicking the next episode until the wee hours of the night. Beautifully filmed and acted, this suspenseful drama gives all the perfect vibes for anyone who likes to start the season of fall off with murder films. I especially thought Steven Cheng and Deng Jia Jia had amazing chemistry and grounded the story, making all the crazy plotting seem realistic. Adapted from the Japanese novel The Murder in Kairotei by Higashino Keigo, this drama is a truly hidden gem of 2022.

Which is your favorite Chinese drama of the year so far? Is it one of mine, or are there other hidden gems that I need to check out? Let me know in the comments, and check back for more drama reviews.

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4 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: Must Watch Chinese 2022 Dramas

  1. I have to agree with your choices. I have been watching Korean dramas for over twenty years but recently Chinese dramas have me hooked. I absolutely love “Love Between Fairy and Devil.” Dylan’s acting is spot on and his costumes are the best I’ve seen. Also recommend “One and Only” and “sequel” – “Forever and Ever.” It’s modern with so many subtle nuances.

  2. I can’t bring myself to watch Fairy Devil for very superficial reasons – her face looks flat like a pancake to me 😬

    But I enjoyed Love Like the Galaxy (even though I had to play set the playback speed at 1.75 – dunno why Chinese dramas tend to be so overwhelmingly slow).

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