Love is For Suckers Ep 1-2 (A Positive Recap)

It has been a long time since our last recap project, but we are finally back and have chosen Love is for Suckers as the perfect drama for our return. So, if you are interested in all the positive and pretty commentary regarding the first two episodes, you are in the right place.

For those of you who are not familiar with our Positive Recaps, just a moment of explanation. Did your mother ever tell you that if you don’t have something positive to say then say nothing at all? Well, we are taking that saying to heart and only saying positive things this time around. Sure, that might mean that we spend a lot of time waxing poetic about the leading man’s hair. Or maybe there is a flower sitting in the background that we find quite winsome. No matter what, we will bite our lips and only be cheerful and positive for these recaps, come hell or high water…..even if it kills us to contain our inner snark. Hmm, I think we all need to pray this drama has a lot of positives and little negatives if we are going to survive. Without further ado, let’s dive into the positives surrounding the first two episodes.

Just a quick word of warning. This is not going to be a step-by-step recapping project. For one, I really doubt we could do that and remain positive. Two, that is just not how we roll. So be prepared for random moments of insight which might not always make the most sense if you don’t have at least a basic idea of the synopsis. With that said, let’s get started.

Besties 4ever

We are introduced to reality show producer Goo Yeo Rim (Lee Da Hee), who tries her hardest to have everything together. We quickly realize that she is a hot mess behind the scenes. Not only is she feeling her age and thinking about how she could have done things differently in the past, but she is also going through dating drama with the younger star of her cooking show.

Enter her bestie and neighbor Park Jae Hoon (Choi Si Won), who is going through his own emotional issues involving a loved one’s passing. Jae Hoon lives in sweats and rarely puts in any effort… except when it comes to Yeo Rim. She needs chicken feet as a comfort food when things don’t work out? He is there with snacks in tow. Bullied by the rich young chef on her show? He is there with his fancy car and gorgeous abs, ready to put him in his place. They truly are bestie goals.

Kmuse: I am such a huge fan of the friend vibe they have going. So often, when we do friends to lovers, we have at least one of the OTP one-sided crushing. This still might be the case, but it isn’t all pining and angsty looks. They have a truly fun and supportive friendship going on, which is going to make their shift to more so satisfying.

Drama Geek: I love their dynamic. The show starts in the future, with Si Won all gussied up and looking FINE in his tux for a reality show. The look that passes between them is charged and gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Rewind and we see that they are pretty chill and supportive of where they’re at in life. They’ve been friends since their school days, and I don’t think they’ve ever ventured into more than friends, but by the end of episode two, you know they at least have mutual attraction to one another.

A mature drama

When I say mature, I am not talking about R-rated content, but more the fact that the characters are firmly adults. They have the sense of humor and emotional baggage that comes along with 37 years of living. They are not naïve and unaware of what dating a person entails. They also have the traumas of stalled careers and experiencing the death of loved ones. They have a lot of depth and it shows, unlike many other dramas that like to imply that the leads had never felt love before the moment they find “the one.” It is just a nice change.

Kmuse: I was talking just a few weeks ago about another drama that wanted us to believe that a woman in her thirties had never been sexually attracted to someone before. To the point, she didn’t understand her own feelings. I rolled my eyes over the situation and realized I find it annoying when characters have to be pure and naïve just to keep the idea alive that an OTP is soulmates. This is not that kind of show and all the better for it. They are realistically looking at the stress of aging and not having that happy ever after that you expected to have in your early twenties. It is very relatable.

Drama Geek: I agree that it’s nice when we aren’t pretending people who are almost forty haven’t had real relationships that are messy and intimate. These two have seen each other go through some hard things in their past, and it shows when they comfort each other. I think that’s part of the the maturity of their relationship and the show.

Supporting characters make the plot move around

Our OTP has to have a lot of people that make their world move and create drama. Some of it is good and some of it is bad. While so far we don’t see a lot of layers to most of the characters, they still play a strong role in keeping the plot going forward. Some who stand out are Yeo Rim’s coworkers, the adorable puppy Kim Sang Woo, and the Nemesis PD. On Jae Hoon’s side, we have a married couple who supports our OTP from the background. They provide stability and humor as our couple figures out their lives.

Kmuse: I am highly entertained at how absolutely evil Nemesis Love PD is. She will do anything for ratings and has no qualms about destroying people along the way. In fact, I think she loves the extra drama. She seems to especially love stomping all over Yeo Rim in the ratings. We also were introduced to two possible second leads. Maybe I will have more to say about them in the future, but so far they are pretty basic and just there.

Drama Geek: The second lead girl is actually one of my favorite side characters, because she calls Jae Hoon on his BS, and would probably make a great match for him if he wasn’t constantly running off to take care of his best friend. My opinion might change later if she gets possessive, but she seems genuine and down to earth.

Casual is the new sexy

We get a different style for Lee Da Hee and Choi Si Won than we are used to. I can’t remember the last drama I watched where they were not dressed to the nines. However, for the majority of the show so far, they lean towards more casual clothing. The exception is when they are trying to make a big impression, such as Yeo Rim’s date and Jae Hoon showing up to fake-woo his bestie.

Kmuse: I am loving how real Yeo Rim’s styling is. Yes, there are business casual outfits, but when it is just her and Jae Hoon, it is sweats and basic makeup. It really deepens the friend vibes between these two. You know it is real friendship when you can truly be your un-made-up self in front of the person.

Drama Geek: Jae Hoon takes casual to the next level. Sweatpants with a button-up shirt and doctor’s coat is pretty funny. I do love that they come home and let their hair down while meeting at their little shared table. I’m curious how they ended up renting the same house or if Si Won owns it and she stays in bottom apartment.

It is those quiet moments that make the slow burn happen

This drama looks like it is going to make us wait for the relationship payoff. While there are moments where the sexual vibes are palpable, for the most part, we have a ton of mini moments that strengthen our OTP’s relationship. Like sharing ice cream after a long day, or texting a bestie paid snack codes when Yeo Rim is locked out of her company car and stuck at a gas station. It is those little things that make us all the more excited when the big romantic moments occur.

Kmuse: Was I the only one who was amused when Jae Hoon ditched his date to go check on Yeo Rim on the coast? He is so obsessed with her, and barely aware that he is non-stop checking his phone for texts from his “bestie.”

Drama Geek: They do depend on each other a lot. There was a moment when the ex drives by and sees Jae Hoon that makes you think there might be more to why he left than what she thinks. All I’m saying is that Si Won would not be someone I’d take lightly to being besties with my fiancé. LOL.

Ending with a cliffhanger full of sizzle

In both episodes, we end the show with a moment that slams the OTP’s chemistry right in the viewer’s faces. Whether it is playing white knight and saving Yeo Rim from embarrassment or an accidental body smoosh on a bed, when these episodes end it makes us crave what comes next.

Kmuse: The end of episode two. SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I might have cursed at the TV for not giving us that last inch of them smooching. I need next week to get here ASAP. Do I suspect that this is all a red herring and they are not going to actually kiss? Yes, but that doesn’t make the anticipation any less.

Drama Geek: SIZZLE! I think they’ll stop themselves before kissing and brush it to the side, but it was nice to see they both know the other person is a sexy human being and there is attraction on both sides. I can handle these types of cliffhangers.

Waiting greedily for our next slow burn moment…..

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