Love is for Suckers Ep 3-4 (A Positive Recap)

Love really is for suckers in this week’s episodes. We have proposals, imaginary hot kisses, and an almost wedding. Mostly it’s all positive — even our hatred for the second male leads lands in the totally enjoyable fun category. What’s even better is how a crappy ex-boyfriend can make the quietly nice male lead shine even more. Let’s see how many ways our OTP made us swoon.

Positive Recaps: Just a quick word of warning. This is not going to be a step-by-step recapping project. For one, I really doubt we could do that and remain positive. Two, that is just not how we roll. So be prepared for random moments of insight which might not always make the most sense if you don’t have at least a basic idea of the synopsis. With that said, let’s get started.

Let’s Be Holy

We left off with an almost kiss last time, and further proof that our OTP has the sizzle. There are so many little moments in these two episodes that reinforce this, but one thing I love about the follow-up scene to the almost kiss is our leading man telling himself to be holy. Basically telling himself, “clean out those sexy thoughts and just treat her like your friend.” Now we have to wonder how many times he’s said this in his head over the years.

Drama Geek: I love peeking into Jae Hoon’s head, because we were able to see what would have happened if he’d given into those unholy thoughts. Swoony kisses are to come if they match up to his imagination.

Kmuse: I also like that flashback when he is wishing he had let go and given in to his impulses. Not just when he wanted to kiss Yeo Reum, but also wanting to confess his feelings for her multiple times. Gah….these two have so much chemistry.

Umbrella Man

Assistant PD Sang Woo is a favorite, and I love how he believes in Yeo Reum but doesn’t suffer from hero worship. He’s actually pretty insightful when they’re talking about her style of directing. PD Kang is attacked by the upset participant of her reality show, who shows up at their building with poop sauce locked and loaded. She has horrible aim, though, and it heads straight for Yeo Reum. Thankfully, our trusty PD comes rushing to her rescue and the poop water lands on its intended target.

The rivalry between Yeo Reum and Chae Ri is a delightful addition. I’m happy we’re getting touches of background from Chae Ri’s side, so we can both understand her and laugh our heads off when her nose is broken and her face breaks out from the poop water.

Drama Geek: Sorry, I might sound mean by saying we were laughing at her pain, but she kind of deserves it. She doesn’t care about the people on her show, only the ratings. The poop incident does allow her to meet Jae Hoon and put him in her sights to cast for her show. He’s not interested, but we know he’ll end up on there anyway.

Kmuse: I really enjoyed watching Chae Ri go through the PD process this week. Is she a bit of a witch? Yes. But she also is very talented at what she does. When they were interviewing possible contestants, it was obvious she was very serious about the pairings and just had a different working style than Yeo Reum.

Ramen, Hold the Spice

We’re being positive, so we won’t linger too much on Kim In Woo, but he comes in hot and heavy and tries to reclaim Yeo Reum as his own. When Yeo Reum’s dad is rushed to the emergency room, In Woo happens to be outside her house and is able to quickly get her to the hospital. Her father is okay after surgery and her parents send her home, with In Woo being in charge of getting her back safely. He says he’s hungry, and of course, she invites him in for ramen. They chat for a bit, and just when he goes in for a kiss (SO STIFF), Jae Hoon decides it’s time to work out and the weights are oh-so-heavy. Proceed to a montage of them trying to eat and Jae Hoon getting progressively louder. He even works up a sweat instead of them.

Drama Geek: I can be pretty petty at times, and when it’s for a good cause, I LOVE it. Jae Hoon is not blind to all the red flags In Woo is giving off, but he just doesn’t know how to tell her everything without revealing how he feels. He’s made it clear to the girl his mom set him up with that he’s just not in a place emotionally to be in a committed relationship, and that applies to Yeo Reum, too. He wants the best for her, and I honestly feel if In Woo was good to her, Jae Hoon would be happy for them.

Kmuse: I especially love how Jae Hoon has the most ridiculous exercising outfit, complete with gold chains and sunglasses. It is especially memorable. I like that it isn’t just Yae Reum he is rejecting, but love as a whole. The man has some mental health baggage he needs to work on, and he is aware enough to know that getting serious with a woman might not be the healthiest move.

Big Balloons vs. Lunch Boxes

There is a LOT of wooing going on in these episodes, and it’s the kind that makes us cringe. In Woo comes back from the States and has already decided they’re picking up right where they left off. He proposes to Yeo Ruem, and the next day (before she gives him an answer), sends the biggest proposal balloon I’ve ever seen to her work. Her coworkers don’t even know she’s dating anyone and she’s already engaged, according to the balloon. Now to the positive part. Yes, Jae Hoon may have been petty, getting in the way of their Netflix and Chill moment, but once he finds out about her dad being in the hospital he quietly orders them delicious lunch boxes to eat while they’re there, and gives Yeo Ruem money to pay for the hospital bills. He does these things almost on autopilot. He just takes care of her like it’s breathing to him.

Drama Geek: The presents aren’t horrible by themselves, although if you’re going to give a girl something that big, at least pick her up from work! It’s more that he doesn’t give her time to think or decide for herself. Jae Hoon is the opposite, to his detriment. If he’d been healthier mentally over the last three years, I think he would have acted on his feelings, and then we’d have an entirely different show.

Kmuse: I absolutely loathe In Woo, and I am stating that as a positive because it has been forever since I have hated a second lead so much. He is the most toxic and pushy ex you can imagine. In Woo does everything to isolate Yeo Ruem and gives her no time to think through the ramification of forgiving him. Sometimes it is fun to just really hate a character, and this is one of those times.

Kingdom of Love

With the ramen cooking show canceled, the network needs somewhere to put Yeo Reum, and they seem to think PD Kang could use a little bit of Yeo Reum’s level-headed directing style. Yeo Reum demands that her entire crew come along with her, and she gets her wish. The interviews for the second season ramp up and it was intriguing to see the process for picking the cast. Yeo Reum isn’t just interested in the shock value of people and really listens to who they are. She has to fight for having a plus-sized cast member, and the real talk that happens during the meeting was pretty interesting to see. Shows usually tap dance around these topics, and I’m here for it.

Drama Geek: I actually think if the two PDs could think clearly, they could have a very popular show without ruining someone’s reputation. I love seeing them oppose each other and totally enjoyed watching the interviews. It makes us wonder what something like The Real Housewives might look like behind the casting table.

Kmuse: I like how they are a mix of snark and professional. Keeps their relationship interesting and makes me glad PD Kang didn’t get fired to make way for Yeo Reum.

Shotgun Wedding

Kmuse ranted her way through the engagement and wedding planning about how big of a jerk our second lead is. The positive is that the drama shows us her ex hasn’t changed one bit, and is totally not right for her. Yes, we could be upset that Yeo Reum is allowing her age and the desire for stability to guide her in this process, but it’s not an easy thing to deny at her age with societal pressures. Jae Hoon is pretty blunt with her when he says she’s being too easy, but doesn’t back up his complaints by revealing his true feelings. Their friends meddle a little, pushing Jae Hoon to be honest with himself, but in the end, he doesn’t disrupt her perceived happiness.

This show has been pretty awesome with its cliffhangers, and the end of episode four is no different. In Woo is visited by a woman from New York the night before their wedding. We don’t hear what she says to him, and In Woo happily enjoys a celebration dinner with Yeo Reum’s friends after the meeting. Jae Hoon drags himself to the wedding, knowing he has to support his friend. When he arrives, the absolutely gorgeous bride walks to the microphone and calls off the wedding.

Drama Geek: As we barreled toward the wedding day, I knew something was going to happen to stop the nuptials. The girl from NY, plus one of Yeo Reum’s friends accusing her of being pregnant after the short engagement time, equaled me coming to the conclusion that In Woo is going to have a baby, just not with Yeo Reum. I’ll be happy to see him go, and interested to see how the second female lead agrees to be Jae Hoon’s bride for season two, and how that will challenge our OTP.

Kmuse: I was so glad that we swiftly saw all the wedding preparations in one quick montage. There is no way I could stand watching In Woo bully Yeo Reum into marriage for more than an episode. I am 100% ready for their relationship to end and for the story to shift to our OTP. That ending was absolutely fabulous and had me excited for next week.

Waiting greedily for our next slow burn moment….

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