Love is for Suckers Ep 5&6 (Positive Recap)

We are firmly entrenched in the “reality” of the Kingdom of Love and all the drama on and off the cameras. We swoony glances, mature discussions on romantic intent, and all the abs a girl could wish for. Join Kmuse and Drama Geek as they share all the best positive moments of this week’s episodes.

Positive Recaps: Just a quick word of warning. This is not going to be a step-by-step recapping project. For one, I really doubt we could do that and remain positive. Two, that is just not how we roll. So be prepared for random moments of insight which might not always make the sense if you don’t have at least a basic idea of the synopsis. With that said, let’s get started.

He did what????

Last week we mentioned how much we loved hating In Woo, and the hate continues as he manages to become even more of a scumbag. Ten minutes before the wedding, Yeo Reum is confronted by a strange woman. A woman who breaks the news that she is expecting In Woo’s baby. She isn’t looking to get back with the loser, but figures Yeo Reum should know all the facts before the wedding. When confronted, In Woo whines and begs Yeo Reum to get married anyway and they can talk about it later. When asked if he was going to ever tell her, In Woo answers that he was… after the wedding.

Kmuse: It isn’t even the fact that In Woo got someone else pregnant. He wasn’t cheating on Yeo Reum so I think that is something that could be gotten past. It was the fact that he took the decision away from her and tried to force her into a relationship that sucks. He truly is the most detestable character in this whole drama and I love to hate him.

Drama Geek: It’s a repeat of what he did three years ago. He made a major decision that effected both of them, and chose not to tell her. He will never respect her opinion and will just keep hiding things from her throughout their marriage. It was a hard way to come to the realization, but I’m glad Yeo Reum realized it before walking down the aisle.


This week we get a great flashback of Jae Hoon when he was in the depths of his depression and how Yeo Reum saved him. She pulled him into her orbit, getting him to rent the apartment above hers. She literally, and figurately, brings the light back into his life.

Jump back to the present where Jae Hoon is fretting over Yeo Reum’s marriage. It isn’t just the fact that he has feelings for his bestie, but legit concern over In Woo’s toxic personality. Despite his concerns, Jae Hoon supports Yeo Reum’s decision and shows up at her wedding, just as Yeo Reum cancels it. Going into protective mode, Jae Hoon takes her away from the venue and drives to the coast. Where he helps her hide and recoup. Unfortunately, it only lasts a day before Yeo Reum is forced to go back to work.

Kmuse: Both of these scenes were brilliantly filmed and acted. The angst and emotion that was presented had me 100% invested. I love that rather than have everyone screaming and angsting angrily, we get more understated grief. This type of grief and depression is all relatable.

Drama Geek: We can totally understand why Jae Hoon so easily runs to her rescue when we see who she was to him during his darkest moments. If he felt he was fit to date anyone, he really would have initiated a relationship with her during the last three years. I too found her day of grief very poignant and loved that we got to see a glimpse of Jae Hoon’s backstory before he fell from grace as a surgeon.

Reality show drama for the win

Yeo Reum is pulled back to the set of Kingdom of Love because there is a huge emergency. The plastic surgeon that they had cast was in the middle of a scandal and they needed someone new ASAP. Not only does Yeo Reum need someone new, but PD Kang informs her that Yeo Reum needs to get Jae Hoon or she will fire all of her staff. Desperate, Yeo Reum asks Jae Hoon, saying that she needs him. Jae Hoon gently smiles at her and says of course he will do anything she wants.

Kmuse: The way he looks at her is so romantic. This is a man who will quietly slay dragons for the person he loves and not ask for anything in return.

Drama Geek: SWOON!! He is so gentle each time he agrees to do something for her. It’s both because he knows how fragile she is right now, and how deep his feeling are for her.

I have intentions… someday

Unlike most dramas, our OTP in Love is For Suckers has communication skills. This is why we don’t have to wait for ten episodes for an almost confession. Aware that Yeo Reum has just come out of a very traumatizing relationship, Jae Hoon doesn’t officially confess. What Jae Hoon does is let Yeo Reum know that he is romantically interested and someday when she is in the right space, he plans to confess then.

This is also when the eye-acting performance went up a notch. Not only did we get some great implied relationship dialog, but we got a whole scene of a conversation just created from our OTP’s looking at each other. Both were serious in their intentions and the relationship concept was thrown and received.

Kmuse: Who knew honesty and communication could be so sexy? I am amazed at how understated so many of the scenes are, but the emotional punch they have is intense. With just a series of looks, I am more invested in this couple than 80% of the rest of the 2022 OTPs.

Drama Geek: The eye acting was to die for. They both really sold that scene for me. Understanding and the simmering potential for what could be someday. LOVE IT!

Ji Yeon is friend zoned

Drama fate is a fickle thing. Not only is Jae Hoon on Kingdom of Love, but his blind date, Ji Yeon was also cast. Poor Jae Joon tries to avoid picking her since he doesn’t want to lead Ji Yeon on. But ji Yeon brings up a valid point that they could use each other. She has no interest in being embarrassed on national TV and he wouldn’t have to pretend to fall for someone else. Jae Hoon points out that this is not a good idea and initially declines and says they should just remain friends.

Kmuse: Ji Yeon is a really great character and at any other time, I would totally be having a bit of SLS going on. She is upfront, smart, and pragmatic. She speaks up when she wants something and isn’t terrified of putting herself out there emotionally. I kind of wish we had some great male character in the wings to sweep her off her feet. I am also a huge fan of her friendship with the webtoon writer. I hope we get more of that friendship going forward.

Drama Geek: Same! I love how honest she is, and even when she decides to play along with the reality show antics, we see she does it out of self-preservation and not competitiveness. Poor girl joined the reality show on a whim to do something different after being dumped, only to be faced with the person who rejected her. Jae Hoon is honest with her and lets her know his heart belongs to the PD on the show. Hopefully, her and webtoon writer will form an alliance and help save each other from embarrassment.

Our relationship isn’t on that level

Our Puppy Assistant PD continues to be pretty epic and the best coworker you could imagine. Knowing the trials that Yeo Reun is going through, he offers to help her return all of her wedding money gifted from the production staff. As Puppy PD gives PD Kang her money back, she mocks him. Asking if this is part of his job and if the roles were reversed would he do this for her too? Puppy PD looks at her, and with a serious tone, states that their relationship is not on that level and that he would not do that for her. Hahahaha. Puppy PD has claws when someone is attacking his favorite person.

Kmuse He is such a sweet and adorable assistant, and the perfect friend for Yeo Reum to lean on for that tiny bit of extra support. I am also really enjoying PD Kang’s interaction with both Yeo Reum and Puppy PD. The three create a really solid work group and I enjoy their competence and how they deal with emergencies. It adds a great layer to an already well-developed plot.

Drama Geek: PD Kang was smart when she tried to recruit him for the show. He’s a very competent PD and he has the courage to put her in her place, which she needs desperately. I will be so happy if by the end he’s running his own successful show. The romantic in me wishes he’d fall for someone too. Side romances can be so fun and help relieve some of the angst later in the episodes.

Let’s stay friends

Grrrr. Stupid scuzzy ex-fiance In Woo shows up on set, begging Yeo Reum for another chance. While Yeo Reum is able to get a tiny bit of closure by shutting him down, it also brings to the forefront a lot of the grief that she has been putting down. These negative emotions are forefront when Yeo Reum tells Jae Hoon that she really wants to keep their friendship where it is and not try for anything else. Jae Hoon just stares at her in that understanding way he has and says he will do what she asks.

Right after Jae Hoon’s heart-to-heart, he is hit with another blow. This time from PD Kang who lets him know that gossip has been going around about Yeo Reum’s relationship with him and Chef John. He needs to be sure to play his part in the program if he is going to protect Yeo Reum from gossip.

Kmuse: I can’t decide whether PD Kang is really protecting Yeo Reum or her program. My guess is it is a bit of both and by pushing Jae Hoon into playing his part, she achieves both objectives. This will also help give us enough plot to get through ten more episodes (knock on wood).

Drama Geek: There are tiny moments where you can tell she is trying to protect Yeo Reum. Being a successful female PD is not easy. She does her job, and doesn’t really think too much about people’s feelings, but she kind of has to be cutthroat sometimes. You can tell she does still have compassion for her colleague.


We finish off the episode with everyone’s favorite trope. ABS!!!!!! And we get a bevy of great shirtless moments as the men from Kingdom of Love take it all off for love. Or more accurately, in order to prove who is the manliest by throwing the other contenders out of a ring in the sand.

It is no competition, and Jae Hoon easily wins the challenge, and is allowed to pick the one girl he would like to go on a date with. Hesitantly, he chooses Ji Yeon, and a reality TV ship is launched. Yeo Reum looks happy that the program is on track but only time will tell if jealousy will rear its ugly head.

Kmuse: This is such great tv. I am surprised at how invested I am in the reality tv characters and what is going to happen to them as well as our OTP. Also, those were some pretty great ab shots.

Drama Geek Ha! I totally asked the Discord thread if it was okay that I was so invested in the romances for the reality show. I really want the webtoon writer to escape the slimy hands of the app developer. I don’t remember if they showed everyone’s face in those opening scene shots, but the tv couples don’t have to equal real life couples. The over acting athlete (I think that’s what he does) would be my pick for her. He’s really silly and loves being dramatic.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: There were so many great moments in these two episodes that it was difficult to choose what to add to the recap. I love how subtle everything is so far from the performances, the cinematography, to the use of the reality show. Everything seems so realistic and I am loving how different it is from most dramas right now.

Drama Geek: These episodes made me super happy and really show how this drama can shine when it’s at its best.

Waiting greedily for our next slow-burn moment…

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