Top Kpop MVs: Halloween Style

Halloween is one of my most FAVORITE holidays ever, and I love that the kpop world gets into it too. For today’s post, I have a mix of my favorite Halloween MVs, my favorite artists, and some new Halloween songs that are right up my alley. Check it out!

ATEEZ – “The Black Cat Nero”

After it premiered in 2020, “The Black Cat Nero” rocketed to the top of my favorite Halloween Kpop MVs. I love ATEEZ, I lovedlovedLOVED their “Black Cat Nero” performance on Immortal Songs, and I literally gasped when I came to Kim Jongkook’s cameo. It was too perfect. 

SHINee – “Married to the Music”

There isn’t a time when “Married to the Music” will NOT show up on my favorites list for Halloween. It came on my radar early in my kpop journey, and the sheer weirdness of the video made it memorable and fun. Remember kids, never drink the glowy juice! 

ITZY – “Boys Like You”

ITZY’s newest single is catchy and memorable and starts at a costume party. How fun is that? Come see if “Boys Like You” gets stuck in your head too. 

Lee Chanhyuk – “Panorama”

Lee Chanhyuk has been taking the kpop world by surprise with his newest album, which starts with a delightful indie rock vibe and ends with a slew of nuanced ballads that are perfectly him. “Panorama” contains the dreamy qualities I expect from the artistic powerhouse behind AKMU, plus a surrealism that gives it an individual flair. Follow this bit of stream of consciousness from beginning to end for a true journey. 

WEi – “Spray” 

Bringing the heat is WEi’s newest single “Spray,” a rock-infused EDM vibe that does not stop. I am LOVING the visual transitions in this one. 

Gaho & KAVE – “Shut Down” (BlackPink cover)

Will I ever NOT love a Gaho cover of BlackPink? Oh, probably not. The spooky edge they’ve added to the song is a lot of fun too. 

Jo Yuri – “Loveable” 

“Loveable” is a change in mood, but the concept is the same – now is the time to bring the whole neighborhood together for a party! Ok, it might also be about accepting yourself and others, but you get the idea. Acceptance, then party. 

Jin – “Astronaut” 

I could NOT let today go by without mentioning Jin’s newest solo number, “Astronaut.” Collaborating with Coldplay was a brilliant move (check out Chris Martin’s backing vocals), and the song has Jin’s poetic depth and lovely voice. I cannot get enough. 

You can enjoy these songs and many, many more Halloween-themed videos on this playlist:

Until the next bit of costumed fun, I remain –

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