Kdrama Hidden Gem: May It Please The Court

I finished watching May It Please the Court this week and instantly felt compelled to share my love for this drama with the world. So that is exactly what I am going to do! Join me as I share (spoiler free) why I consider this a hidden kdrama gem.

Lee Kyu Hyung is brilliant

Lee Kyu Hyung plays Jwa Si Baek, a public defender with shady secrets. This is Lee Kyu Hyung’s second leading role and he stole every scene he was in. Yes, I admit he is one of my favorite actors, but this isn’t just my bias coming out. There were tears, there was angst, and there were super sketchy revenge vibes. He brought everything one could want to the screen and then some. He is an actor who deserves all the accolades (and roles) and hopefully, this drama is a step toward consistent leading roles.

Jung Ryeo Won is lawyer gold

This is the third time Jung Ryeo Won has played a lawyer, but she does it SO DARN WELL. Once again her character, Noh Chak Hee is a strong willed lawyer who, while a bit ethically grey, learns to be a voice for truth. What made this role stand out from her others was the layers of angst and betrayal she must go through, and the character growth we see throughout. It also doesn’t hurt that she and Lee Kyu Hyung have oodles of chemistry. Enough sizzle that I pray for the Drama Gods to cast them in a proper romantic drama.

Solid storytelling

May It Please the Court was perfectly cast, but what really makes the show leap into my favorites list is the writing. While we do have a series of traditional law drama court cases in the first few episodes (not really anything to write home about), the drama takes a narrative shift halfway through to focus on the revenge story arc. It is this story arc that really elevates this drama’s status to that of similar dramas (Strangers, Missing: The Other Side). I loved how deep the emotional angst ran between our two leads. The drama also had one of the strongest final episodes I have ever seen in a law-themed show. It left me feeling extremely satisfied and excited to share with my friends.

I hope this gives everyone enough reasons to push play. At only 12 episodes, May It Please the Court is the perfect binge during the upcoming holidays. If you do watch, be sure to find me on social media to chat. My only complaint was a lack of kbesties watching with me, since this is a drama that needs to be shared.

Til the next hidden gem,


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  1. I need to check out more dramas on Hulu, I had no idea where to find this but I’m glad I came across your blog. Thank you for the review, I’m adding this to my November watch list. Lovely review!

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