Love is For Suckers Ep 9&10 (A Positive Recap)

While still maintaining the stellar storytelling that we are used to, this week we had a bit of a depressing storyline. Our OTP is going through some angst and the past is rearing its ugly head, which leaves us with a lot fewer positives than in the past. But there are still some stellar moments to discuss this week, so come join us as we take a look at episodes 9 & 10.

A New Ship?

For those of you who have been following our recaps, you know Ji Wan has been a favorite character of ours. Our investment in her quest for love has remained high and it looks like she might find it in an interesting twist. This week we see Chef John in a less annoying light. Not only has he developed a bit of a show bromance with Jae Hoon, but he is involved with multiple sincere scenes with our plucky webtoonist.

Kmuse: I was shocked that I actually could see the possibility of Chef John and Ji Wan. Something I never would have said possible back in episode one. But when it comes down to it, they do seem to complement each other. Especially now that Chef John has eased up on the smarmy aspects of his personality.
The Maknae: I love Ji Wan’s adorable honesty—she doesn’t hold back when she finally decides to speak her mind. That adds a lot of depth to her appreciation for Chef John’s food, and I think he caught that.

Can fake love become reality?

When his past comes to light thanks to his newfound notoriety, Jae Hoon jumps to conclusions and assumes Yeo Reum is using his painful events to sell her show. Telling her that she has gone too far, he pulls away and makes a break of their friendship…at least for now. Instead, Jae Hoon starts paying attention to Ji Yeon. Yes, it is for the camera’s sake, but as the two episodes progress further, it looks less and less like an act.

Kmuse: This wasn’t a positive aspect of the show for me so I am going to skip commenting.
The Maknae: Same.

Healing emotional wounds

We finally find out what the events are that sent Jae Hoon into a tailspin of depression. During his residency, he was the doctor on call when there was an accident. He was given the option of two patients, one a teenager, and the other a burned man who was unlikely to survive. He chose the teenager and successfully saved his life, only to find out the other patient had been his father, and his dad had passed away. The sorrow and guilt crippled Jae Hoon, which brings us to today. Someone had accused Jae Hoon of being a murderer and because of his guilt, Jae Hoon agrees.

Luckily the teenager Jae Hoon saved saw what was happening and came forward. He comes onto the program and shares his own sadness and guilt. Also, he shares the news that because of Jae Hoon’s sacrifice, he had decided to go into the medical profession and has been accepted into med school. Tears happened and thankfully it looks like some emotional healing has started as well.

Kmuse: I thought that they dealt with this situation really well. The story managed to combine the tragic events from Jae Hoon’s past, clear up the misunderstanding, and save the show’s integrity. They even threw in some tear-inducing emotional healing which I totally bought.
The Maknae: I loved the survivor’s bravery! It takes a lot of guts to go against popular opinion and set the story straight, and I think that Jae Hoon needed to see he had lasting value outside of saving the boy’s life. It was a great moment.

A fully developed bestie side story

Our married besties, Dae Shik and Hye Jin, have the most delightful development this week. Not only do they get to be awesome friends who dispense amazing advice, but they also have character growth! We learn that everything isn’t all flowers and sausages for our married besties. They are having problems getting pregnant and have been going through IVF treatments. We get discussions about letting people in and sharing the good and the bad times with family and friends. It was a great story arc and one we don’t often see played by secondary best-friend characters.

Kmuse: It was so unique to see the comedic bestie element get such a deep story arc. Loved it.

The Maknae: The bestie couple is some of my favorite supporting characters in a drama right now. Their relationship feels real, their wholehearted friendship with Jae Hoon and Yeo Reum feels real, and I love how well Dae Sik knows his wife and supports her…and makes sure she allows the people in her life to support her. He’s a good husband.

A good scare

We didn’t get as many positive/happy reality show moments as we have in the past. But episode ten ended on a doozy of a fun scene. Kingdom of Love decides that a dating quest in a haunted school is the perfect scene to scare our couples closer. We get jump scares, brave heroines, gallant heroes, and a whole bunch of scaredy cats. It is a lot of fun and the perfect way to end a more serious episode.

Kmuse: This was my favorite moment from both episodes. What a fun reality tv moment.

The Maknae: My favorite was The General—he laughed his way through the course, high fived the ghost who dropped from the ceiling, and made the haunted school a lot of fun. Chef John fainting also made me giggle, because OF COURSE he would faint.

Our final thoughts:

Kmuse: I was very frustrated with our OTP this week. Everyone’s communication skills went out the window and everyone is dithering. I need them to change things around this upcoming week, or shift the focus to Chef John and Ji Wan. Either way, I need some romantic swoony moments to happen ASAP.

The Maknae: The OTP has some talking to do, and I have hope that Jae Hoon’s mini rescue at the end of 10 is making room for that. I’ve also been surprised by the flashes of kindness that come from Kang PD. I *know* she’s all sharp edges and doing things for the ratings. She didn’t have to hunt down the originator of the murder rumor and bring his identity to Jae Hoon, but she did. My favorite was Jae Hoon’s reaction—immediate and sincere forgiveness for the jealous rumor-spreader. That was a fabulous Jae Hoon moment. Now if he could just apply that same level of forgiveness to himself….

Waiting greedily for our next slow-burn moment…

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