Top Kpop MVs: Effervescent Energy

As the US Thanksgiving holiday draws near, I begin to think about those special treats our family indulges in at this time year. A favorite among my kids is sparkling apple cider — bright and bubbly, this sweet drink really reminded me of this week’s new music picks. Come check out these energetic and effervescent tracks with me!!

Newkidd – ‘Victory’

From the classical Korean intro to the Latin jazz piano focused melody, this song grabbed my attention and did NOT let go!! Jinkwon and Minwook from the seven-member group Newkidd make a great duo unit — love their complementary vocals and energy!  

Lim Young Woong – ‘London Boy’

Ahjummas (*ahem* me — I’m one of those ahjummas) around the world are celebrating the newest double-track single from the biggest trot sensation in Korea! My favorite of the two songs was this fun ode to all things London. There’s no escaping Lim Young Woong’s boyish charms and beautiful voice!


“Bubble gum pop” was the first thing that came to mind when I viewed this new song from the girls of CSR! These seven recently debuted 17-year-olds are just adorable — I’m enjoying their teenage exuberance and cute fashion! 

Yong Jun Hyung – ‘Koong’

Former Beast and Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung returns from a four-year hiatus with his new album Loner. The title track ‘Koong’ has a chill and quirky vibe, both in sound and visuals. For me, it’s just one of those songs that keeps your head bopping from start to finish! 

JUST B – ‘ME=(Naneun)’

I’m absolutely LOVING this new song and video from the boys of JUST B!! From the dusty desert to the city-view rooftops, the bright music and fun choreography has me hitting that repeat button again and again… and again! 

Do you have any refreshing favorites, MVs that are a delight to both the ears and eyes?? Share them with me in the comments below!! And you can enjoy this week’s MVs on this YouTube playlist RIGHT HERE:



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