Top 7 Kpop MVs: Ringing in the New Year, Kpop Style

The holidays are over, the kids are back in school, and I AM READY to start adding songs to my fresh 2023 playlist! Bring on ALL the NEW — new songs, new groups, new sounds!! I can’t wait to get started, so let’s get listening!!


ATEEZ is ringing in the new year with (in my humble opinion) one of their BEST tracks to date!!! The release of ‘HALAZIA’ (their first ever single) was both unexpected and mysterious. The music is an addictive roller coaster of drops and anti-drops, the vocals and raps are equally mesmerizing, and the MV is just absolutely stunning. And the choreography, y’all?!?! I have no words – you need go watch!!!

NINE.i – ‘Young Boy’

NINE.i is a 10-member group that debuted early 2022, but just came across my radar with this recent comeback track. I loved the youthful exuberance of this song and MV. A perfect soundtrack to bring on the year ahead!!

WayV – ‘Phantom’

It has been over a year and half since we got new music from my favorite NCT unit, WayV, and I am THRILLED to add this title track to my playlist!! Their signature sound is woven throughout and the haunting vibe of the song and vocals are perfectly paired with the vampire-like themed MV — loved the whole package!

woo!ah! – ‘Rollercoaster’

Every playlist needs a bright and bouncy girl-group anthem and ‘Rollercoaster’ is checking all the boxes for me! This is the kind of energetic track I need encourage me to keep that New Year’s resolution to hit the gym!!

Drippin’ – ‘The One’

‘The One’ comes out swinging and doesn’t let up! I love the power and energy and rock band drive of this newest comeback song from Drippin’ — it’s quickly becoming one of those songs that has me hitting the repeat button!!

Kang Daniel – ‘Joy Ride’

I love Kang Daniel, and I love the chill, bass-heavy vibes of ‘Joy Ride.’ This Japanese release likely slipped under the radar of a lot of listeners, but I will be grooving to this song well into the new year! And that beautiful red convertible in the MV is just icing on this kpop cake!

BTS RM – ‘Still Life’

RM’s love for art is well known, and references to that passion are artfully woven throughout this new track from his recent solo album Indigo. I love the simple and clean styling of his MV too — it really allows the viewer to focus on the lyrics and soak up the funky jazz vibe of the song.

BONUS TRACK: ATEEZ WooYoung’s Special Video – ‘Logic – 1-800-273-8255’

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung recently had the opportunity to guest on a new Korean documentary program titled Fill in the Blanks. As part of his appearance on the show, he created this special performance video. Just as people search out songs to listen to when they are having a difficult time, it was his wish that people might find this dance cover and it also be a source of comfort and hope to those who are struggling. The choreography is beautiful and I especially loved his inclusion of sign language into the piece. The final message brought tears to my eyes and I knew I had to share… 

I need to know what songs you’ve gathered for YOUR New Year’s soundtrack! You know what to do— share your faves in the comments below!!



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