Maknae’s Favorite Kpop: January 2023

I’ve been sorting through the recent wave of Kpop MVs, finding my favorites and getting them all together to share with you! Come see what the January Kpop world has brought us, plus the one song that lives in my head rent-free over a year after its debut.

SHAUN – “Shooting Star”

The indie pop feel of “Shooting Star” is full of such warm, happy vibes. Pair that with Shaun’s clear tenor and this is a song worth putting on repeat. Trust me.

SF9 – “Puzzle”

Not sure SF9 can make a bad MV – “Puzzle” is full of gorgeous suits and gorgeous colors, and the song is a lot of fun too. 

Monsta X – “Beautiful Liar”

SPEAKING OF GORGEOUS SUITS, the red in this MV packs a serious punch. Loving the vibe, loving the song, loving Monsta X’s new album. 

Dreamcatcher – “Reason”

Can you believe it’s been 6 whole years since Dreamcatcher debuted? Me either! Love this miniature look into their journey, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the song. 

Film Sound, Oyeon – “Dawn”

Rich melodies and soft visuals are a perfect complement in this MV from Film Sound and Oyeon. It’s the kind of song that stuck with me long after I listened to it. 

Han Dong Geun – “I’ll Be”

Honestly, this MV is not the most inspiring, especially given what one of my friends calls “the hayfever filter,” but Han Dong Geun’s voice shines over ALL of that. Love his tone and his emotion – he’s such a gifted vocalist!

VIXX – “Gonna Be Alright”

This is a departure from VIXX’s previous MVs, which were usually edgy and hard-hitting and challenging. The soothing theme and the gentle animations are perfectly lovely, and I love this change of pace for them.  

Prowdmon, Las – “Run, Run”

Prowdmon and Las leapt onto my radar with “Run, Run” – I’m loving the intense vocals paired with the vibrant EDM, and this dance visualizer is something else. The black and white tones plus the simple shapes of the performers’ clothing make a stunning contrast. It’s very artistic and well done. 

Minseo – “Goodbye to Romance”

This sweet, upbeat ballad catches my attention every time I hear it. I love Minseo’s clear vocals and the simple instrumentation. It’s a perfect combination!

STUCK IN MY HEAD: Monsta X – “One Day”

Every time this song has come up on my playlist in the last year, I sing along. Monsta X has captured that longing, reminiscent feeling perfectly, and this MV is a SPOT ON replica of the early 00s boy band movement. 

What grooves have caught your ears this month, music fans? Drop the links below and I’ll give them a listen!

Until the next comeback, I remain –

Karie the Maknae

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