4 Reasons to Watch Crash Course in Romance

Want a drama that has a little bit of everything? From sassy math teachers to straightforward moms to shenanigans worth of SKY Castle to high school students navigating the murky waters of college entrance exams, Crash Course in Romance has something for everyone. Come check out the 4 reasons we think you need to push play RIGHT NOW.

Reason #1: Jung Kyung Ho is BACK

It’s only been two years since Hospital Playlist wrapped up its second season, but that’s two years too many without Jung Kyung Ho on our screens. He plays Choi Chi Yeol, a star math teacher at a prestigious study academy called The Pride, with warmth and wit and the best high kicks, guaranteed to wake up any sleepy viewers.

Drama Geek: His high kicks are pretty great, but it’s the slow running while the scooter passed him by that had me dying of laughter. He is just fantastic at that kind of humor, and I’m here for it. He also does a good job of giving this character a lot of heart despite his ego.

The Maknae: If the humble brag was a person, I’m pretty sure Jung Kyung Ho would be it. He’s adorable and confident and so, so sincere. I’m loving this role of his!

Kmuse: I like how he is just a normal person who has hit it big and is a bit of a fish out of water with people who are not his students. He becomes very relatable and I am 100% here for him to find his happy ever after.

Reason #2: Jeon Do Yeon Represents!

With the changing face of female leads in Kdramas, it’s refreshing to see a talented and mature actress like Jeon Do Yeon leading the charge in this drama as Nam Haeng Seon. She’s relatable and noble and sincere, and we love it. She’s determined to do the right thing by her daughter, and she clearly shows her love through cooking.

Drama Geek: I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to match the male lead’s humor, but when you get these two going, they are a riot. She also is amazing at pulling you in and feeling for her when single motherhood was thrust upon her. She has to go toe to toe with the rich entitled moms, and she’s slowly seeing them for who they are and learning to stand up for herself and her family.

The Maknae: Jeon Do Yeon is just so REAL as a mom who has to work and keep her life together, and now she needs to be passionate about her daughter’s education. OK! She will do it, and she’ll go harder than anyone else. She’s a delight.

Kmuse: I have been a huge fan of Jeon Do Yeon for for years, and once again she proves that she can do anything. She and Jung Kyung Ho have amazing chemistry in both the serious and the more comedic scenes and I am 100% invested in their romance.

Reason #3: Why Go Right When You Can Go Left?

Shake off all expectations for this plot, because nothing is ever as it seems. Sometimes when Jeon Do Yeon is desperate to do something for her daughter, she actually succeeds. Jung Kyung Ho is not an entitled and jerky superstar, but genuinely cares for his students to the extreme. The rotten moms are still rotten, of course, and some are a little scary.

Drama Geek: I like that this feels like a romcom at its core. They are thrust together and are already slowly learning to appreciate each other. I’m also really enjoying the daughter’s storyline and her friends. She’s genuinely a sweet girl and wants the best for her mom, but also is super smart and wants to succeed in life.

The Maknae: Agreed — this will be a romcom with depth, and I am here for it. The characters have been built up so well from the beginning that I can’t wait to see where the story takes them.

Kmuse: I have to admit all the entitled students really annoy me and I wish I could skip their drama. But I really enjoy the daughter and her friend group. Along with the romcom element, it has me coming back each week.

Reason #4: We Have a MYSTERY

Actually, we have more than one mystery, and we are NOT sad about it. Who is the student who haunts Choi Chi Yeol, and what happened to her? Where did Nam Haeng Seon’s sister go? Who is in the black hoodie “taking care” of the problematic people in Choi Chi Yeol’s life? What is WRONG with the lawyer mom? Does Haeng Seon’s best friend have a chance with Choi Chi Yeol’s “fragile and pale” manager?

Drama Geek: I’m okay with all the mysteries in the show and think that most of them add a nice texture to the plot. I rolled my eyes a bit when they introduced a serial “killer” to the mix. Can’t we have Rom or Com without Death? I do want all the questions above answered, so I guess the show is doing its job.

The Maknae: One of my favorite comedians, Erma Bombeck, once said ‘There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.’ I feel like we’re getting a fantastic layer of laughter up front, but the foundational layers of pain and tragedy are being foreshadowed with all these mysteries. I’m looking forward to seeing how they all get solved.

Kmuse: You know I am always ok with a good killer side plot. Hopefully, we start finding out some of our answers soon. I need to know all the backstories.

Until the next secret tutoring session (SHHHHHH), we remain —

Kmuse, Drama Geek, and The Maknae

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  1. Can they stop with the serial killer in all genres already? A casual k-drama watcher would assume that murders pervade all corners of this country. A fascinating personality or backstory does not necessitate murderous intents!

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