Kpop MVs: February Round-Up!

Major comebacks over the past weeks have been keeping my YouTube notifications POPPIN’. I’ve also been checking out new album releases and my playlist has exploded! For all my fellow Kpop fans out there enduring chilly, winter temps, let me distract you for a bit with a few HOT new tracks.

MoonBin & SanHa (ASTRO) – ‘Madness’

This ASTRO sub-unit duo is back and their slow dive into ‘Madness’ is a sultry and captivating ride. The strong electric guitar during the chorus really compliments the tone of the song and is one of my favorite parts!

Tomorrow X Together – ‘Sugar Rush Ride’

TXT’s title track from their newest album The Name Chapter: Temptation is a thrilling roller coaster full of juxtapositions! Most apparent are the bright and sunny vs. dark and dangerous visuals. Add in the exciting whiplash between fast-paced buildups and slow drops and this song really lives up to its name!

BSS (SEVENTEEN) – ‘Fighting’

Is this week, month, season getting you down?? Well, BSS has come to the rescue in this MOST FUN song to keep your fighting spirits high!! (And no, I’m not just excited about his song because I learned the choreo to it at dance class last night – and yes, it’s a blast to dance to!!) Love the deep tone of their guest rapper, Lee YoungJi, on this single as well! This is just an all around bop – Go! Listen!!

KEY (SHINee) – ‘Killer’

If you’ve been waiting for a retro-sounding, ’80’s throwback song to add to your playlist, KEY is here to deliver! The sound, the concept, and the choreo of this MV is all on point – bring on the dance party in your living room!!

Lucy Band – ‘Unbelievable’

Is this MV kinda cheesy? Yes! Is Lucy’s cute and earnest delivery of the song and lyrics endearing? Also yes! This title track on their recent mini-album is both sweet and refreshing! Spring’s just around the corner… can you feel it?!

Bonus Japanese Tracks

I always enjoy the special Japanese albums Kpop groups drop. It gives the listeners a chance to hear their favorite artists take on a slightly different sound and concept! I offer you something dark and something bright…

First, I loved the visual representation of sound and music in the MV for Stray Kids’ ‘The Sound’!

And second, I enjoyed the cute and sweet side of NCT Dream in their MV for ‘Best Friend Ever’!

What was your favorite track to hit that repeat button on this month?? Share with me in the comments below!



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