Top 5 Kpop MVs: Flashback Friday!

I love the excitement of waiting for new music to drop every week! BUT I also have moments where I just want to savor great tunes from years past. Maybe there’s a certain song that brings back a flood of memories, or maybe it’s an ear-worm that demands not to be forgotten. Either way, revisiting ‘old’ favorites is always a treat! Curious what tracks I’ve got prepared for you today? Check ‘em out below!!

LED Apple – ‘Let the Wind Blow’

Going to kick things off by going waaaaay back to 2012! When I dove down the K-Pop rabbit-hole five years ago, I stumbled upon this group and absolutely loved their emo trot-pop vibes. I can guarantee you will catch yourself humming this song daaaays later! 

Henry – ‘Trap’ (feat. Kyuhyun & Taemin)

Henry is such a fantastically talented artist! I have yet to fully consume his extensive discography, but ‘Trap’ is a recent-to-me discovery and I instantly fell in love! The dramatic piano and hip-hop combo is unexpected, but it works!

Astro – ‘Breathless’

We’ve been seeing a lot of unit comebacks from Astro recently! But join me in revisiting this bright and refreshing music video from 2016. The concept is adorable and the song bubbly, just like their onscreen characters! Where are all my Cha Eun Woo fangirls at?!?

B.I.G. – ‘1.2.3.’

With so many groups trying to make it big in K-Pop, I often times come across great music, only to find that the group is no longer together. Sadly this is the case for B.I.G., but that doesn’t diminish the impact of a fun song. ‘1.2.3’ is a well-executed bop that still deserves all the love! 

Loco – ‘Waiting Room’

Loco’s chill vibes and rap flow are great! But more than the song itself, I love how he used his song as a backdrop to showcase a super-talented group of dancers!! And guess what?! Loco’s got some smooth moves of his own — don’t miss his cute choreo at the end! 

Friends, what throwback favorites do you want to brag about?!? Share those can’t-miss titles with me in the comments below!!



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