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N.Flying has been on my radar for a long time – I found them when Lee Hong Gi promoted them years ago, and fell in love with Yoo Hwe Sung’s vocal power and Seung Hyub’s emotional range. Between the intense instrumental work and the knock-you-off-your-seat vocals, they’re a great band. It makes sense that they would end up on so many OSTs! Come see how N.Flying’s contributions have made these OSTs a compelling listen.


“Still Love You” – Tomorrow OST

I’ve loved this song since it debuted as a duet with Lee Hong Gi of F.T.Island. Hwe Sung’s four-octave (or more, I always lose count) surge towards the end gives me chills EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

“Let Me Show You” – Familiar Wife OST

This sweet ballad captured my heart from the get-go. It’s a perfect fit for the drama, and a perfect fit for the talents of N.Flying. 

“Wonderful Night” – Taxi Driver 2 OST 

This song is a triumphant tribute to the skills of the Rainbow Taxi team. They may not look like much, but I adore what they accomplish every time! Lee Je Hoon is the revenging angel we all deserve, and N.Flying captures his intensity wonderfully.

“Fight On” – Doctor Lawyer OST

N.Flying was MADE for these OSTs, the ones that stir the soul and capture the imagination. This MV almost makes me want to watch Doctor Lawyer

“Another Day” – Criminal Minds OST (Yoo Hwe Seung)

I was never able to find the Korean version of Criminal Minds legally, but having access to the MVs from the OST almost makes up for it. Yoo Hwe Seung’s voice is brilliant at being both tough and fervent, and this song is hauntingly confident. 

BONUS TRACK: “Chance” – Lord of Heroes video game OST

Have I played this game? No. Have I listened to this song a million times since it was released? No, but it’s very, very close. I love the resonant, stirring melody, and just how inspiring it feels. PERFECT video game anthem!

Want the playlist? Here you go! (I’ve included the live version AND the video game version of “Chance” for your viewing pleasure.) 

Is N.Flying on your playlist? Tell me about your favorites in the comments below!

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