4 Reasons to Push Play on Joseon Attorney: A Morality

Those of you who listen to the podcast know that I am often outspoken about my dislike of dramas that use Doctor and Lawyer in their titles. I am just medicaled and lawyered out. But Woo Do Hwan’s comeback made me push past my dislike of the law trope and push play. And I am so glad that I did give this show a try. Come find out why this drama is worth watching, even if you are done with the genre.

#4 Law stuff with a heavy dose of revenge

I know that the synopsis of the drama talks about becoming an ethical lawyer and not scamming people. But so far (I’m on ep 5), most of the law stuff has been about getting revenge. The fact that innocent people are saved when Kang Han Su (Woo Do Hwan) destroys the people who ruined his family is just a secondary happy coincidence. Sure, the show might take the ethical high road in the future, but in the meantime, I will sit back and enjoy bad guys getting their just desserts.

#3 Bona is rocking the hanbok

Bona happens to be one of my favorite idol actresses and she has slowly been working her way up to leading lady status. I adored her in Twenty-Five Twenty-One, and I love her even more as the princess turned law crusader in Joseon Attorney. She also happens to be one of those actresses who shines in traditional Korean clothing. You would be surprised at how many actresses look awkward in this style of garb, so it is always appreciated when someone looks natural in a sageuk role.

#2 Sweet start to a burgeoning romance

So far, we are still at the beginning of our OTP’s romantic journey. That said, they definitely have great chemistry and I am looking forward to them becoming more than sometimes allies. Both of these characters have an abundance of charm and visual charisma, so I am looking forward to them lighting up the screen with some romantic chemistry.

#1 Woo Do Hwan is back!!!!

We here at DWASOK have always been loud stans of Woo Do Hwan and were thrilled when he declared that his comeback was going to be a sageuk (If you have not checked out My Country, go binge it and you will know why we were so excited.) Just like Bona, Do Hwan looks AMAZING in traditional clothing, and thankfully the character he is playing has tons of layers to enjoy. We slowly discover his tragic backstory and his hunger for revenge, as well as his need to do what is right. All combined, this character is the whole package and a delight to watch.

So those are my reasons for watching this drama. What about you? Are you enjoying the drama or was it a miss? Let me know in the comments, as well what other dramas I should be checking out. It has been a crazy few months and I am a bit out of touch with the newer drama options, so I would love some recommendations.

Til the next addicting drama,


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