Top 6 Kpop MVs: Male Solo Spotlight

Whether it’s a dedicated solo artist or a long-time group member releasing a solo album, this week’s post is shining a light on singers whose voices and music are hitting all the right notes!! Will one of these recent releases find a spot on your K-pop playlist? Read on to check them all out!!

Woodz – ‘Abyss’

While I’m more accustomed to upbeat music from Woodz, this mellow ballad cast its spell on me. I don’t even need to go searching for subtitles to know this is an emotionally written piece. I’m enjoying the introspective vibe of the song and accompanying MV – secret library for the win!! 

Youngjae – ‘Errr Day’

Hello, it’s vacation time with Got7’s Youngjae! Maybe my island-dwelling self is a bit partial, but I loved the relaxed, tropical concept of this MV, which paired perfectly with the bright yet chill sound of ‘Errr Day’. 

Bobby – ‘Cherry Blossom’

I was super excited to see Bobby has a new single album out!! I am delighted that his unique vocal color (raspy, yet melodious) takes center stage in this angsty pop-ballad — I’m totally bopping along to this beat!!

Gaho – ‘Love Me’

Gaho can rock any concept, but with his vocals he definitely gives his fans the most beautiful ballads!! The dreamy doo-wop sound, accented with elegant strings, plus Gaho’s flawless voice, escort the listener along a bitter-sweet walk down memory-lane. . .

Kim Jae Hwan – ‘Spring Breeze’

‘Spring Breeze’ hooked me with its opening whistle! Even though this song has a more upbeat feel, there was an underlying wistfulness woven throughout. Kim Jae Hwan’s vocal vibrato really tied in the emotion of the lyrics and completed the concept of the MV!  

BamBam – ‘Sour & Sweet’ 

Just like its title, this song’s sound is all about mixing opposites. The push and pull between the driving beat of the music and BamBam’s smooth, melodic vocals created a flavorful track that kept me mesmerized right up until the very end!!     

Kpop friends, who are your favorite male solo artists?? Drop those names in the comments below!!



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