Kpop MVs: Soul-Searching Solos

When it comes to Kpop, I usually prefer something upbeat with a good dance beat. But sometimes my mood calls for something slower, something that connects with the soul. Whether it’s raw and gritty or hopeful and uplifting, these solo artists all struck a chord and left an impression. Sit back, settle in, and give these six new tracks a spin!

JOOHONEY – ‘Freedom’

Monster X’s JooHoney recently dropped his first official solo album (LIGHTS) and I was intrigued by his title track ‘Freedom’. The juxtaposition between his bright vocal sections, expressing being free, and his darker rap sections, highlighting feelings of being trapped, was very stark. Add to that the MV’s styling, visually backing the light/dark theme, and the whole package was a fascinating and impactful piece of art!

DAWN – ‘Dear My Light’

Oh, my heart!! Dawn’s raw vocals plus the simple guitar melody combine together beautifully to express this very heartfelt, post-break-up song. Knowing this message was a personal one for him makes it especially bittersweet. This is the song to listen to if you need to soothe the ache of parting.

HOON – ‘Mea Rosa’

It’s no secret that I enjoy latin-flavored songs!! Mix that with Korean lyrics (and some talented Spanish guitar) and this recent single from UKISS’s Hoon is the perfect track to listen to on a sultry, summer afternoon. Just sit back and soak up those passionate vocals!!

WOODZ – ‘Journey’

I’ve really been enjoying Woodz’s albums recently — the shift to a stronger rock guitar sound and gritty vocal tone suits him perfectly! However, this rock ballad also shows off his range and a beautiful vulnerability of emotion that keeps me coming back to this particular song!

PARK JIHOON – ‘Blank Effect’

While the previous songs are all about expressing emotion, ‘Blank Effect’ is just the opposite — feeling numb and empty is the main message. The chorus evokes visions of stumbling through a desert landscape, tired and thirsty. It’s a somewhat haunting vibe that lingers, even when the song is over.

TAEYANG – ‘Seed’

Taeyang has been sharing so many new songs from his recent solo comeback album. Many tracks are collabs with fellow industry artists, but I actually connected most with this simple piano-driven piece highlighting his voice alone! And, bonus, I love how he always incorporates a reference to his faith in his MVs!!

What’s that one song that resonates most deeply with your soul? Share with me in the comments below!



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