Drama Review: Oh No! Here Comes Trouble

If ghosts and calligraphy and comedy are your thing, then the Taiwanese drama Oh No! Here Comes Trouble just might be worth your time. Come see 4 reasons why the antics of Pu Yi Yong and his crew kept me invested through all the angst and eye-rolling in this endearing drama.

1 – Comedy Conquers All

Whether he’s dealing with a zombie invading his personal space, a fear he doesn’t want to voice, or his mother’s hints that he needs a haircut, Yi Yong’s dry sarcasm kept the laughter coming. Every eye roll is impeccably timed, as is the detachment he carries when he needs to figure out what a ghost needs. On the flip side, Yi Yong (portrayed by the very capable Tseng Jiu Hua) shows incredible emotional depth when confronted with the tragedies of his past.

2 – Police Ambition Works for the Plot

Vivian Sung plays rookie policewoman Chen Chu Ying, who gets pulled into Yi Yong’s insane adventures when cases they’ve taken on intertwine. She an excellent foil to Yi Yong’s teenage vibe, earnest with an older sister vibe. Her dedication to helping those who can’t speak for themselves is admirable, and the way she ignores her fellow officers — and even her chief! — as she concentrates lends levity to otherwise dark situations.

3 – It’s About Keeping Your Frenemies Closer

Filling out our dynamic trio is Cao Guang Yan, sweetly portrayed by Peng Cian You. He’s an all-A student, unlike our street-smart Yi Yong, and liked by all authority figures. Which means, of course, that Yi Yong low-key hates him in the beginning. As time passes and they become neighbors, Guang Yan and Yi Yong become friends, balancing out each other’s weaknesses with their own affable strengths.

4 – The Neighborhood is Lively

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble does a great job of showing why Yi Yong is the way he is — he gets his humor from his mother, who is prominently featured throughout the drama, and his compassion from his father, whom he is particularly close to. Guang Yan’s father tends to stay in the background, but he’s worth paying attention to, especially his numerous business ventures. And the ghosts themselves range from a horror-comic zombie to a self-interested painting to twin brothers who just can’t let go. Each of their stories helps Yi Yong grow and change, even though he doesn’t necessarily want to.


If you like dark comedy like Definitely Not Today or horror-comedy like Bring It On Ghost, Oh No! Here Comes Trouble will be a great fit for you. If you like webtoon-based dramas with fantastic emotional depth and good directing, same. If you’re looking for a romance, then you’ll want to look elsewhere for that after enjoying everything that Oh No! Here Comes Trouble has to offer. You won’t regret watching it! You can find it on iQIYI.

Until the next ghost comes around asking for help, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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3 thoughts on “Drama Review: Oh No! Here Comes Trouble

    • I saw that you had reviewed it too and I might have squealed! Yi Yong is FABULOUS and my teenagers will never be able to top his iconic eye rolls. LOL.

      • Yi Yong IS fabulous; he made the show for me, I think! 😍 This show is so underrated; I hope more folks will give it a try! Which is also why I was so glad to see you cover this one – you’re helping to get the word out there among drama fans, woot! 🤩

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