July 2023 Teaser Roundup

In the northern hemisphere, the cicadas are humming, the temperatures are rising, and the Hallyu Wave is doing NOTHING to cool us down. Come see the hot dramas coming to a screen near you this month!

Shadow Detective season 2

July 5, Disney+ Hotstar/Hulu, starring Lee Sung Min (Juvenile Justice), Jung Jin Young (May It Please the Court), Kyung Soo Jin (Mouse), Lee Hak Joo (My Name), Kim Shin Rok (Reborn Rich)

Unfolds the ultimate counterattack of veteran homicide detective Kim Taek Rok, who has returned to investigate the secret mastermind behind the blackmailer ‘Friend’.


July 17, Hulu, starring Jeon Hye Jin (Uncle), Choi Soo Young (If You Wish Upon Me), Ahn Jae Wook (The Empire), Park Sung Hoon (The Glory)

Follow the story of a mother lacking countermeasures and a cool daughter living together – yet seemingly unrelated.

Jun and Jun

July 20, Viki, starring Ki Hyun Woo (Jinx), Yang Jun Mo (Hope or Dope), Jo Chan Hyun (Turned on by You), Park Hyeong Seop (Time of Memory)

His childhood first love, Choi Jun, who disappeared without a word, returned as a hot general manager! An office rom-com about idol-turned-intern Lee Jun and Choi Jun, a heart-fluttering genius director.

Longing for You

July 26, Viki, starring Na In Woo (Jinxed at First), Kim Ji Eun (One Dollar Lawyer), Kwon Yool (Mental Coach Jegal), Bae Jong Ok (Secret Royal Inspector & Joy), Lee Kyu Han (May I Help You), Jung Sang Hoon (Again My Life)

A murder case occurs in Woojin, a town blessed with no crime. Detective Oh Jin Seong, known for being cheerful, joins the investigation team when his younger brother Jin Woo is identified as a suspect in a murder case. Jin Woo is eventually cleared of false accusations, and the culprit is revealed. Jin Seong’s performance earns him preferential treatment at the Gangnam Police station, but his brother is suddenly attacked by someone on a rainy night and dies unexpectedly. Jin Seong starts chasing after the true culprit of the murder case while facing his own family’s desires and secrets.


July 28, Netflix, starring Jung Hae In (Connect), Koo Kyo Hwan (One Day Off), Kim Sung Kyun (Divorce Attorney Shin), Son Seok Koo (My Liberation Notes), Kim Ji Hyun (Thirty-nine)

Deserter Pursuit is back! This unfolding story ensues when military desertion arrest squad members (DP), Jun Ho and Ho Yeol, run across absurdities and unchangeable reality on a regular basis.

The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch (season 2)

July 29, Netflix, starring Cho Byeong Kyu (The Uncanny Counter), Yoo Joon Sang (Alchemy of Souls), Kim Se Jeong (A Business Proposal), Yeom Hye Ran (The Glory), Ahn Suk Hwan (Love in Contract), Yoo In Soo (The Good Bad Mother)

Evil spirits from the afterlife arrive on Earth in search of an immortal existence. The story follows a group of counters who are tasked with catching these malevolent entities.

My Lovely Liar

July 31, Viki, starring Kim So Hyun (River Where the Moon Rises), Hwang Min Hyun (Alchemy of Souls), Seo Ji Hoon (Revenge of Others)

Mok Sol Hee has a special ability that allows her to distinguish whether people are lying or not. She hates her ability and views it as a curse. Because of her special ability, she is unable to trust anyone. Mok Sol Hee gets involved with a murder suspect who insists he is innocent, but nobody believes him.

Shakespeare said “though she be but little, she is fierce,” which is an excellent way to sum up our July drama list. I’ve got Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch on my mind! What will you be watching?

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