Album Review: Kang Daniel’s Realiez

Do I squeal a full fangirl squeal every time Kang Daniel releases a new album? I’ll never tell. In the meantime, I have to go through Realiez track by track to share in the magnificence of one of my favorite soloists. This is a no-skip album at its finest! 


This is a compelling track and almost all in English. The MV is full of dark imagery, and yet captivating in its stillness as the camera pulls back to reveal the wasteland Kang Daniel’s kneeling in.


Yet another fantastic song, and so very Kang Daniel. The melody is twisting and fully layered with harmonies, and the MV lives in the same world as “Wasteland” – it feels very much like a video game with its dream-like dystopian sequences. It’s captivating, and the message of bringing light to the darkness is RECEIVED.


This is surprisingly bop-like without losing the emotional tone of the album. I really love it, and I love the depth the instrumentation adds to the song.


Sure, grab my heartstrings and keep tugging. It’s fine. I didn’t need them anyway. 


One of the reasons I love Kang Daniel so much is the deft way he handles ballads. He doesn’t rely on drawn-out, breathy vocals to convey emotion, but instead uses his resonant voice to deepen the impact of the song. It really feels like he’s singing with his whole self, not just his voice, you know?

What do you think, music fans? Have I convinced you to start squealing with me yet? Drop your favorite soloist in the comments below – I promise I’ll give them a listen!

Until the next comeback, I remain –

Karie the Maknae

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