My Daily Dose of Kpop: ‘Killing Voice’

Marching band season has begun here in Hawaii and I’ve been BUSY this week with band mom duties. I’ve loved watching the kids share their passion and joy over the universal language of music! But I have had little time to indulge in my own passion for Kpop. Thankfully, I recently discovered the Killing Voice segments on Dingo Music’s channel and they have been the perfect evening wind down to help me get my daily Kpop fix!! The episodes feature old and new groups, mashing up their biggest hits and recent comeback tracks. About 20 minutes each, they are a great way to enjoy a mini-concert with your faves or do a mini-dive into a new-to-you group!! Check out my top picks below!!


I often praise Seventeen for their top-notch choreo and performance skills, but this team is also a great combination of vocals and raps! The size of their group can be intimidating and overwhelming for some, but their camaraderie is tight and their energy always bright and upbeat! Loved this collection of their most recognizable ballads and bops! 


BtoB is my penultimate vocal group – their talents never fail to amaze and give me chills!!! The harmonies are heavenly and their rappers have a knack of creating flows that blend seamlessly with their strong pop-ballad stylings. This group is on my short-list of “Kpop groups to see live in concert,” but in the meantime, this selection of their best-loved tracks is the next best thing! 


EXO is one of those fixtures in Kpop who often get taken for granted. I am always impressed anew every time I hear them perform their iconic tracks. Their blending of vocals and raps is so perfectly balanced, yet each member’s unique vocal color is perfectly highlighted and always memorable! This mashup of hit after hit had me grooving along in full fangirl appreciation mode!!

What a great way to end a hectic week and kick off the weekend – hope you enjoy this line-up as much as I did!!



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