Top 5 Kpop MVs: K-Indie Vibes

I have a confession. Often times I’m not sure which songs I should pick to share each week. The struggle is real as I carefully debate all the choices. But today, as I sat down to begin working on this post, these tracks practically jumped out of my holding queue and demanded the spotlight! From debut bands to veteran vocals, this small-but-mighty list is sure to quench your desire for some Indie beats, Kpop style. I’m ready — are you?? Let’s rock!!  

UNI – ‘Dive’

UNI is a tiny band with a big rock sound! This debut song is giving me serious flashbacks to all the great ’90’s alternative rock I grew up listening to!! I also love that they are a mixed group (super rare on the Kpop scene) and am hopeful they will share more new music soon — they are certainly off to a dynamic start!! 

Big Naughty – ‘Fxxxnds’ (feat. Kim MinSeok)

I first heard this song as I was scrolling new music drops a few months ago. It was an immediate addition to my play list! But since then I discovered this ‘unplugged’ version and really love the cozy busking vibes. The live piano and guitar accompaniment pair perfectly with Big Naughty’s naturally raspy vocals. And Kim MinSeok’s featured ending section, plus the final harmonization, is just sublime!

KARDI – ‘Party’

From the opening bass drum beat and guitar riff, I knew this song was gonna be my kind of party! Kim Yeji’s unique voice really compliments the strong instrumental beats from her fellow bandmates and gives this song a bold and unmatched sound! I love rocking out to this track!!

Ulala Session – ‘On My Way’

Slowing it down a little now with Ulala Session’s recently released single ‘On My Way’. This song has a bass-driven, blues-pop sound that culminates in hypnotically harmonized chorus. The black and white aesthetic of the MV really suits the mood of the music. And I loved the artistic choreography on the water-covered stage floor — this MV is a complete package!!

The Rose – ‘Back to Me’

AAAAHHHHH!!! The Rose is back with a new music and I am SO HAPPY!!! This group was one of the first I followed as newbie Kpop fan, so they will always have a special place in my heart. But I digress — let’s talk about this great track!!  I love the song, I love WooSung’s passionate vocals, I love that the lyrics are in English and I can sing along, and I love that the last verse is sung a cappella. Awesome song!!! Don’t believe me? Go hit play!!

I can’t stop dancing in my seat — how about you?? If you have an Indie-vibe artist or song that needs to be added to this list, drop a link for me in the comments below. Let’s keep this party rocking!!



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