Top 5 Kpop MVs: Shades of Summer

My kids returned to school this week, but that doesn’t mean summer is over for this Kpop Mama!! Even though temperatures are still soaring all around the world, I’m keeping cool with these refreshing new comebacks. Featuring bright concepts and addictive beats, these songs are the perfect distraction to beat the heat and keep the summer fun rolling — let’s dive in!!

THE BOYZ – ‘Lip GLoss’

This MV screams “summer” and I’m in love!! The tropical surf ’n sand vibes and the catchy chorus are the perfect package. And bonus, we get two videos in one!! The first round features the official MV storyline, which seamlessly rolls into a performance version that focuses on all the great choreography. I’m 100% here for this comeback from The Boyz!!

n.SSign – ‘ Higher’

I first discovered n.SSign through their pre-debut track ‘Salty,’ and I’m happy to share that the title track of their debut album Birth of Cosmo is just as engaging!! ‘Higher’ is a beautiful, ethereal pop ballad — I really love how they wove the music and vocals of this multi-national rookie group together!!  Looking forward to checking out the rest of their album!

MAMAMOO+ – ‘DaengDaeng’

Moon Byul and Solar are such a fun duo! They have been slowly releasing new tracks all year long and I’m enjoying this recent drop from their new album Two Rabbits. ‘DaengDaeng’ is cool and groovy with a splash of country twang — it doesn’t sound like it works, but trust me, it does!


Don’t let the opening & closing nods to Back to the Future fool you — this MV is actually a crazy a trip through a funhouse maze! It’s a fun mix of NCT’s usual brand of hip-hop and the DREAM unit’s smooth vocals. My favorite part was when they slowed it up to let the vocal team shine during the bridge. And don’t miss out on the energetic team choreo — so good!!   

Xikers – ‘DO or DIE’

Xikers just dropped new music for their first comeback! This title track is high energy and I’m appreciating all the vintage references (not sure when my teen years became vintage?!) in their music video. The 90’s pop-rock sound is nostalgic and the chorus definitely has me head-banging along!

Bonus Track: IVE – ‘I Want’

Pepsi is back again with their summer-series Kpop collabs. On the surface, this is really just a large scale commercial. But if you can look past the perpetual product placement, this new song from IVE is actually quite the bop!! Bubbly and fun and perfect for your summer playlist!!

As always, so much good music to dive into — which cool tracks are number one on your summer playlist?? Drop those favorite titles in the comments!!



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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop MVs: Shades of Summer

  1. Lipgloss and ISTJ were my summer tracks, but DaengDaeng is so cute!

    I have a soft spot for The Boyz since watching Kingdom and Road to Kingdom, and there are 2 Canadians in the group!

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