September 2023 Teaser Roundup

September is another quality Hallyu Wave month! From a remake of a stellar Taiwanese time travel drama to a survival story from the writer of Penthouse to Ji Chang Wook in an action drama (FINALLY), the hits just keep coming. Read on to see what you’ll be adding to your watchlist!

A Time Called You

Sept 8, Netflix, starring Ahn Hyo Seop (Dr. Romantic), Jeon Yeo Been (Vincenzo), Kang Hoon (The Secret Romantic Guesthouse)

Han Jun Hee’s boyfriend Ko Yeon Jun died one year ago. She still hasn’t gotten over his death and misses him a lot. One day, she somehow travels back in time to the year 1998 and finds herself as high school student Kwon Min Joo. There, she meets high school student Nam Si Heon. She is surprised to see how much Nam Si Heon resembles her late boyfriend Ko Yeon Jun. Nam Si Heon is outgoing and attractive; girls adore him. His best friend Jung In Kyu develops a crush on Kwon Min Joo.

Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun

Sept 9, Disney+/Hulu, starring Jang Dong Gun (Arthdal Chronicles), Lee Jong Ki (Again My Life), Shin Sae Kyeong (Run On), Kim Ok Bin (Love to Hate You)

It depicts the story of what happens in Arth approximately a decade later. Over the course of more than eight years, Arthdal succeeded in suppressing the massive rebellion of the tribes slaughtered by Ta Gon in Season 1, and the Agos finally achieved the reunification of 30 clans after 200 years under the leadership of Eun Seom. In Season 2, Ta Gon’s Kingdom of Arthdal and Eun Seom’s Ago Union are set to face an inevitable great war. Eun Seom is the ruler of the East now. Tan Ya is the successor to the Wahan clan. The story set eight years after Ta Gon has become king.

The Day of the Kidnapping

Sept 13, Amazon Prime (rumored), starring Yoon Kye Sang (Kiss Sixth Sense), Park Sung Hoon (Not Others), Yu Na (Green Mothers Club)

Kim Myung Joon is a poor man with a warm heart. He desperately needs money to pay for his sick daughter’s operation. His ex-wife suggests he kidnap a child with rich parents. Kim Myung Joon is desperate enough to accept her idea. While on his way to kidnap Choi Ro Hee, Kim Myung Joon has an accident, hitting a young girl. The victim is none other than Choi Ro Hee, who has lost her memory. Pretending to be her father, Kim Myung Joon brings Choi Ro Hee to his home from the hospital. Whenever he contacts Choi Ro Hee’s parents for the ransom money, his calls remain unanswered. Deciding to investigate, he drives to their house, only to witness their dead bodies being carried out on stretchers. Making matters worse, Choi Ro Hee has now uncovered his web of lies, including his not being her father.

Han River Police

Sept 13, Disney+/Hulu, starring Kwon Sang Woo (Delayed Justice), Kim Hee Won (Moving), Lee Sang Yi (Bloodhounds), Bae Da Bin (Love Alarm Season 2), Shin Hyun Seung (Behind Every Star), Sung Dong Il (Curtain Call)

Stuck together on patrol of Seoul’s Han River, the two officers are faced with emergency situations ranging from terrorism to everyday accidents and other incidents requiring emergency assistance, a premise that suggests all of the action, humor and offbeat crime-solving of the classic buddy cop genre.

7 Escape

Sept 15, starring Uhm Ki Joon (Little Women), Hwang Jung Eum (To All the Guys Who Loved Me), Lee Joon (Bloody Heart), Lee Yoo Bi (Yumi’s Cells), Shin Eun Kyung (The Penthouse), Yoon Jong Hoon (Sh**ting Stars)

What does a faceless mobile platform mogul, a drama production company CEO, an ex-gangster, a wannabe idol, an OBGYN doctor, an entertainment CEO, and a school art teacher have in common? These 7 individuals were all involved in the heated case of a missing girl. As they attempt to escape their fate and pursue the truth, they find themselves embroiled in secrets, lies, and desires in this retribution tale.

Song of the Bandits

Sept 22, Netflix, starring Kim Nam Gil (Island), Seo Hyun (Jinxed at First), Yoo Jae Myung (The Sound of Magic), Lee Hyun Wook (Remarriage and Desires), Lee Ho Jung (Jinxed at First)

An action melodrama in which the people who have been deprived of their livelihoods blow a refreshing shot for their family and colleagues, set in the 1920s during the Japanese colonial period.

Twinkling Watermelon

Sept 25, Viki, starring Ryeoun (Secret Romantic Guesthouse), Choi Hyun Wook (Weak Hero Class 1), Seol In Ah (A Business Proposal), Shin Eun Soo (Summer Strike)

“Sparkling Watermelon” will tell the story of a boy living a double life between a model student and a band member who gets to time slip and meets his 18-year-old father. The two will build friendships there.

The Worst of Evil

Sept 27, Disney+/Hulu, starring Ji Chang Wook (If You Wish Upon Me), Wi Ha Joon (Little Women), Im Se Mi (The Empire)

Park Joon Mo is a police officer. For a drug investigation that leads into the drug trade between South Korea, China, and Japan, Park Joon Mo infiltrates a criminal organization. Meanwhile, Park Joon Mo is married to Yoo Ui Jung. She is also a police officer and becomes involved in the drug investigation that her husband is working on. Appearing by them is Jung Ki Cheol. He is the charismatic boss of a newly formed crime organization.

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