Top 8 Kpop MVs: No Such Thing As Too Much Good Music! 

This week has been FANTASTIC for new Kpop releases!!  Not only do we have an amazing lineup of title tracks, but there are also a number of full albums that should NOT be missed!! I’m just so excited to share all these songs, so hurry up and join me after the jump— 

D.O. – ‘I Do’ & ‘Somebody’

D.O.’s back with a new solo album!!! I couldn’t choose which MV to highlight, so I’m sharing BOTH!!  ‘I Do’ is just a sweet and simple pop ballad — I love it, I do. . . 

If you’ve been missing actor D.O. as much as I have, then ‘Somebody’ is the perfect MV to fill the void!! I was fully wrapped up in the mini-story of the lyrics brought to life on the screen. I definitely recommend giving Expectation a full listen — the album is really well-balanced and every song a new favorite!!

Jung Yong Hwa – ‘Your City’

I have a soft spot for CNBlue — they were one of the first groups I found when I dove down the Kpop rabbit hole! Sadly, the band isn’t making new music, but this solo album drop from lead singer Jung Yong Hwa is bringing ALL the nostalgic vibes!! Love his smooth vocals, plus the surprise guitar jam in the middle of the MV!! Don’t miss the rest of the tracks on Your City as well!

Dawn – ‘Star (feat. 10CM)’

In the past I’ve enjoyed a variety of Dawn’s whimsical and energetic tracks. But since his recent break-up, he’s been diving deep and laying his soul bare with these songs+lyrics. Make sure your captions on ON for this emotional journey. And if your heart can handle it, check out the rest of his album, Narcissus, too. . .

Lee Chae Yeon – ‘Let’s Dance’

I absolutely LOVED Lee Chae Yeon’s last single drop ‘Knock’.  And guess what?! I LOVE this new release too!! Her music is so upbeat and catchy, and the choreo looks like SO MUCH fun!! Really hoping we do this at dance class soon — I’m ready to dance! How about you? 

TXT, Anitta – ‘Back for More’

Be warned, this new English single from TXT will have you hitting that replay button repeatedly!! ‘Back for More’ is giving me major Michael Jackson vibes — from the music to the choreography to the styling — it’s a polished performance!! My favorite part? Definitely the dance break!! 

MCND – ‘Pop Star’

I was so surprised (yet TOTALLY delighted) by this recent single from MCND! Loved the balance between the breezy fun vocals and their signature rap break sound. I’ve been following this group since their debut in 2020 and they never disappoint! Hoping an album release is on the horizon — I need more new music!!

EVNNE – ‘Trouble’

They might not have made the final cut during the Boys’ Planet finale, but these seven performers have come together and made a VERY solid debut with their new title track ‘Trouble’! The song is on fire — the way the prechorus-drop breaks up the strong backbeat is brilliant. And the rebel/underdog vibe of their performance is totally pulling me in!!  

Bonus Track: xikers – ‘Sunny Side’

I just couldn’t wrap things up today without sharing a bonus track. This sunshine-infused, member-filmed MV from xikers is a special gift to their fans (roady) as they conclude the promotions of their second album. Enjoy!! 

I am barely keeping up with all the new music drops every week! Did I miss one of your new favorite songs?? Let me know in the comments!!



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