Kmuse’s Musings: In Search of the Perfect Drama

I’ve been watching a ton of stuff lately and despite the late hour (I really should be in bed right now), I decided to share my thoughts about several of the dramas I am watching. Also, I share why or why not I think you should be checking them out. I will try my best to not give any spoilers in this post. But if you are interested in my deeper thoughts, be sure to take a look at our Dramas With a Side of Kimchi podcast. It is where I have had deeper discussions on many of the shows I will be recommending.

My Lovely Liar

There are many things that this drama got right. For one, I feel that Kim So Hyun usually misses the mark when it comes to romantic chemistry, at least when it comes to my swoony meter. But she and Hwang Min Young have good chemistry, and despite him being a bit green as an actor, I truly enjoyed their couple story arc. The problems arrived when we got around the halfway point and the drama started feeling like it had lost some of its oomph. We got more side character filler and less cute OTP moments. It rebounded with a truly shocking twist (a spoiler I saw on social media is what convinced me to finish, just so I could see how the twist had occurred), but it was too little too late to make it onto my must-watch list. I rated My Lovely Liar a 6/10.


This is truly a perfect drama. It has the star power that makes it feel more like a summer blockbuster movie than a twenty-hour series. For that matter, how awesome would it be if we could all just meet in a movie theater and watch 20 hours of drama in a row? The energy would be pretty epic, but I digress. This has the writing, directing, and acting to make it onto my top drama list of all time, not just for 2023. If you are interested in my deeper thoughts, then check out our Patreon podcast where Drama Geek and I take a deep dive into all things Moving. But since I don’t want to spoil any of the epic story arcs, just take my word that this is the must-watch drama of the decade. I give Moving 10/10 stars and all of my love.

Behind Your Touch

This is the biggest shock of my 2023 drama list. I did not think this was going to be a show I stuck with. I started on a whim (the power of watching a drama simply because it is on Netflix is truly a real thing) and was too lazy to turn off the autoplay. I was tired and just let the show continue despite it not clicking due to the over-the-top comedy of the first few episodes. Imagine my surprise when the plot started gelling into a strong story and I started to find the over-the-top hijinks less annoying and more charming. Now it is one of my favorite Kdramas of the year and I am trying to recommend it to everyone. This is more of a straight comedy and so far (there are still 4 episodes to go) there is no romance between the leads. But that fits the comedic slice-of-life mystery feel, so I am not missing the romance. Is this story a bit nutty? Yes. Will you fall in love with all these nutty characters? Also yes. So give this drama a 4-episode try, and a true chance at charming you. Or you will develop some form of drama Stockholm syndrome. Either way, you will get those happy kdrama endorphins, so it is a win-win. I give this drama 8/10 stars with a chance to move depending on the ending.

Destined With You

Rowoon is hitting all the right notes in this drama and has made me swoon almost every episode. Who knew I needed him to ditch his sweet boy next door persona and turn into a moody tortured jerk with a marshmallow core? Yes, I know that this is the tropiest trope to ever trope. But it is my first time seeing him in the jerk role, so I am going to pretend this is something new and shiny. The cinematography is great, the banter/dialog is so well done, and I am of course swooning. The only negative is that the overall pacing and story are a bit on the weak side. There are some obvious plot holes and questions that need answering, and I am not sure we are going to ever receive those answers. But the extreme swoons and Rowoon’s steaming gaze are distracting me from all of that so I still am giving this drama a strong rating. With 4 episodes to go, I give Destined With You a strong 8/10 stars. And of course, there is still time for that to change so watch my social media for further drama insights.

There you have my late-night thoughts about a bunch of the shows I am about to finish. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments and tell me if you are enjoying them (or hate them) as much as I am.

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4 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: In Search of the Perfect Drama

  1. I don’t know why I haven’t seen moving yet like I have been hearing great things about it.

    I absolutely adore Behind Your Touch. I don’t know how my weekends evening are going to be after this drama ends.

  2. I watched lovely lier and must say i was somewhat disappointed!!! 6/10 is about right.
    Will watch the other two when more time to binge 🤩

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