Top 10 Kpop MVs: Music Therapy Edition

Do you ever find yourself seeking out songs as a form of therapy? I know I often do. Sometimes it’s a song that makes me feel understood. Other times it’s lyrics that bring me comfort. On occasion, certain tracks just help me let loose those pent up emotions and vent. Or maybe there’s a certain track that gives me the courage to step outside my comfort zone. No matter my mood, I can always count on the amazing healing power of music!! Come check out today’s therapy session with me!!

NCT127 – ‘Fact Check’

Filled with doubts and uncertainty? The boys of NCT 127 totally understand! Their new title track encourages the listener to erase all questions — be bold, be confident, and check those facts. . . like a boss! 

ONF – ‘Love Effect’ 

Heart racing? Pulse pounding? Don’t worry, it’s probably just the love effect! I love that ALL the members of ONF quickly finished their military service concurrently and have seamlessly returned to the Kpop scene with another catchy bop! 

December – ‘She’s Gone’ (feat. JinE)

Missing that special someone or maybe struggling through a break-up? This updated version of December’s ‘She’s Gone’ is a comforting listen with its passionate and nostalgic throwback vibes.

Just B – ‘MEDUSA’

Walking thu a dry spell in life? Just B promises to be your ride or die companions!! This rookie group’s newest comeback does not disappoint — the driving beat is powerful and the fighting spirit is strong in this title track!!  

Loco – ‘NOT OK’ (feat. G-Idle’s Minnie)

Feeling invisible and unheard? Loco gets it. I am really thankful and proud of him for using his talents and popularity to shine a light on the topic of mental health. This song is a great reminder that everyone deserves to be seen and heard. You’re not alone!    

Lim Young Woong – ‘Do or Die’

Standing in the grip of indecision? Be bold and just do it, like Lim Young Woong!! Best known for being Korea’s Trot poster boy (seriously, his ahjumma fan following is CRA-ZY), he has boldly stepped outside his usual genre and is rocking this new pop single — I’m super impressed and excited to see this new side of him!!

CHANYEOL – ‘Good Enough’

That voice in your head talking smack? Don’t worry, Chanyeol is here!! This new song just feels like a warm hug on a bad day, reminding you that you are good enough and everything will be okay. I’m so happy Chanyeol is back from military service and making music again — and I loved that fellow EXO groupmates Chen, D.O., and Baekhyun made cameos in the MV!!

IVE – ‘Either Way’

Dealing with judgement from others? This raw, B-side track off IVE’s newest album is a great reminder to just do you and don’t have regrets! I so enjoy the beautiful vocal colors of the IVE members — this song is no exception!!  

Xdinary Heroes – ‘Break the Brake’

Aggravated? Need to vent? Xdinary Heroes have got your back!! Their brand of rock pop is perfect for jamming along to when frutrations are bubbling over. Whether screaming along with the chorus or appreciating the killer guitar riffs, ‘Break the Brake’ is it’s own unique brand of music therapy!

TXT – ‘ Chasing That Feeling’

Destiny feeling just out of reach? TXT are chasing after their own pre-destined fate and pulling me along with them! This synth-heavy 80’s vibe title track is a captivating bop — perfect for singing and dancing along with as you run after those dreams!!

Did today’s list hold the perfect prescription for you? Drop down the comments below and let me know which kpop song(s) bring healing-thru-music for you! 



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