Top 7 Kpop MVs: It’s A Band Thing

Don’t get me wrong, I love the music and high energy choreo of Kpop groups! But, there’s just something about songs crafted from, and performed with, instruments that tugs on my soul. When I heard this week’s new drop from Lucy band (along with my local adventures to see the American swing band, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies play live!), I knew EXACTLY what I was going to write about today! Don’t miss out on all the talented and fun bands below!!

Lucy – ‘Boogie Man’

The styling for this new single is a bit more punk than Lucy’s typical musical offerings. . . and they rocked it!!! I love, love, love the way the instrumentations were woven throughout this song, giving it a quirky, spooky vibe — an excellent musical adventure!!!

The Fix – ‘City’

Four-member girl band, The Fix, is a new discovery on my music radar. This group features an earthy main vocal backed by strong and punchy urban rock sound. ‘City’ is definitely a great song of the indie k-band variety!!

Mayday – ‘Sad People Should Not Listen To Slow Songs’

The title of this song hooked me . . . the energetic drum and guitar combo immediately drew me in . . . but it was the story-telling thru the lyrics that spoke to my soul!! This Chinese-based band nailed it — I can’t stop hitting replay on this track!

BIGONE – ‘Pop Punk’ (feat. Dive & DOHANSE)

While they aren’t actually a set band, this collab single between rappers BIGONE, Dive, and Dohanse is a whole lot of pop-punk band fun! The youthful, summer vibes are just my styling and the sound is sure to get you up and jumping along too! 

Soran – ‘Good Bye’

Another new-to-me group, Soran is an indie k-band that has been around since 2009!! This song is upbeat and the behind-the-scenes style of the MV is whimsical. Plus, you gotta love a rock band that brings an upright bass into the mix! 

Rolling Quartz – ‘Reminiscence’  

Rolling Quartz slows things down with this beautiful rock ballad performance. All the powerful vocals and passionate instrumentals are still at the forefront, allowing each member to shine and making this MV a fantastic watch!! 

Nerd Connection – ‘Been This Way’

As a self-proclaimed music nerd myself, I couldn’t help but check out this band when I saw their MV pop up on my YouTube feed. Nerd Connection doesn’t disappoint, offering up a throwback sound, both through their music styling and their lead singer’s vocal color! A perfect pick if you’re looking for a nostalgic vibe!!

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