Kdrama Hidden Gem: Vigilante

Are you overwhelmed with holiday events and don’t have as much time to devote to dramas as you would like? Do you, like me, prefer your shows to be a bit more stabby than sweet, despite this being the season of good cheer? Do you enjoy watching bad guys get their comeuppance? If the answer was yes to any of these questions, then you might want to check out the new drama Vigilante.

Synopsis (MyDramaList)

When Kim Ji Yong was a child, his mother was beaten to death in the street. The culprit only received three and a half years in prison. Kim Ji Yong—now an adult—sees that his mother’s killer hasn’t changed at all. Ji Yong takes matters into his own hands and beats him brutally.

Subsequently, Kim Ji Yong begins living two entirely different lives. On weekdays, he’s a model student at the police university. During the weekends, he punishes criminals who have received light sentences and continue to commit criminal acts. Now called Vigilante, Ji Yong receives help from admirer Cho Kang Ok. Meanwhile, Detective Cho Heon chases after the man called Vigilante.

Kim Ji Yong was an interesting character, in that he never wavered from his belief that certain crimes could not be solved through traditional routes, that human greed would always find ways to overcome true justice. This is where he comes in as judge, jury, and in some instances, executioner. The first several episodes didn’t grab me right away. Everything seemed straightforward and lacked the nuances I enjoy in my revenge dramas. However, once our anti-hero started interacting with our psychopath vigilante fanboy (Lee Joon Hyuk), the plot started rolling.

With only eight episodes, they stuffed all the makjang vigilante-ing they could into this story. The story is so fast-paced that I don’t have to sit and contemplate plot holes or the ethics of cheering for a person who is going around killing people. I can just sit back and enjoy the crazy ride.

You can find BIon Hulu in the US or on Disney+ internationally. It just completed airing so it’s all set for a fast binge. Be sure to come back and let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments.

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