12 Days of Christmas, Kpop-Style

As I finish gathering gifts for my friends and family this holiday season, Kpop is the ever-present soundtrack keeping my spirits bright. Since I’m all about spreading the joy, I’m excited to share these 12 new solo tracks as we continue the countdown to Christmas!! Ready to join me after the jump?

Mark Tuan – ‘Fallin’

GOT7’s Mark Tuan dropped a new album this year, and I am having so much fun watching this MV for his title track ‘Fallin’! The retro vibes are strong and the dance-off at the end is fantastic. I loved the varied group of dancers and all the styles of dance they were representing! 

Rocky – ‘Lucky Rocky’

Rocky, formerly a member of Astro, is stepping out strong with this new song from his first solo album ROCKYST. It’s hard to believe that this funky mix of sax and rock guitar works, but it does! But my favorite part is watching him execute some super smooth choreography. Did you catch the nod to Singing in the Rain?!

Jeong In Seong – ‘Trust Yourself’

Recently returned from military services, this KNK member has released his first solo single. Set to a sweeping riverside backdrop, this uplifting pop ballad beautifully showcases In Seong’s main vocalist range!

HongJoong – ‘A Walker’

ATEEZ’s captain recently celebrated his birthday by gifting fans with both a photography exhibition and a special solo track of the same name! ‘A Walker’ gives urban, coffeehouse vibes, and the accompanying lyrics echo the groovy sentiment of the song — take your time . . . 

Park Bom – ‘I’ (feat. Dawn)

This song and accompanying MV are just so lovely and moving!! I absolutely adore Park Bom’s soul-filled singing. And Dawn’s vocals were an unexpected yet perfect complement to the song. The part I appreciated most was the play on words in the title/lyrics – the hangulization of the English word ‘I’ is the same as the Korean word ‘child’!

Kim Feel – ‘Life’

The simple yet driving beat of ‘Life’ is both powerful and subtle, allowing Kim Feel’s clear and emotional vocals to take center stage! The accompanying black & white MV emphasizes the attitude of the song – stay focused, be brave, and follow your destiny.

BE’O – ‘Mad’

BE’O can be hit and miss for me, but this new song is definitely a hit!! The quick beats and rapid-fire rap flow are an excellent combination. Whether skipping down the street or folding loads of laundry, this track keeps me motivated and moving!  

Fujii Kaze – ‘Hana’

I’ll admit the visuals in this MV have left me rather puzzled. . . BUT! I enjoyed the funky piano and bass vibe of this song. I also appreciated this Japanese singer’s carefree vocals, smoothly matching the wandering push-and-pull of the of the music.

Park Eun Bin – ‘Someday’

I’m almost finish with my binge watch of ‘Castaway Diva’ (highly recommend this drama if you’ve not seen it yet!) and I am blown away by the amazing vocal talent actress Park Eun Bin possesses. This song is just lovely and emotional — definitely going on my favorite OSTs playlist!!

Jung Soo Min – ‘With You’

This rookie artist popped in my recommendations one day, and I immediately fell head-over-heels for this song! It’s just so bright and upbeat that I can’t help but smile whenever it comes on!! Also, was it just me, or was there a Napoleon Dynamite moment in the MV??

Jay Chang – ‘Rock Star’

Jay Chang is also a new face to Kpop! An American-born member of the rookie group ONEPACT, he recently released this fun single track. His passion for music and performing comes through loud and clear in this song and MV!

Pagaehun – ‘OXO’

When I hear new songs, I often do a little detective work to find out more about the artist. Pagaehun is so new he seems to be an enigma, but this debut song is a really sweet bop with a sunny vibe. Hope to hear more from Pagaehun soon!!

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