Kmuse’s Musings: Three Dramas That Will Give You All The Feels During the Holidays

It is the holiday season, which means there are a ton of extra stressors in our lives. For many of us, we use dramas to escape the holiday chaos, but finding dramas that are going to give you positive feels can be hard. So I compiled a list that is guaranteed to help you see the best in humanity and leave you with a smile on your face.

It is hard to choose what criteria when searching for a happy vibe drama. For example, I always feel happy watching a good murder mystery or some high makjang hijinks. Other people want no angst whatsoever. So, with the thought of giving a bit to everyone, I made up this list. My picks might have angst, but it isn’t the overall theme. And all the shows chosen have amazing characters uplifting each other and healing emotional wounds.

Prison Playbook

Before you start thinking I am nuts to recommend a drama that is all about people living in prison, this drama will change your outlook. I have yet to hear anyone who watched from start to finish who wasn’t moved by the various inmates’ relationships and trials. You will laugh, you will cry, you will remember this show for the rest of your life. It truly is one of the best dramas ever released.

Extraordinary Attourney Woo

I love a good drama where there is one character who has such a positive personality that they change everyone they come into contact with. When I think of this kind of character, Woo Young Woo comes to the top of my mind. She was a force of nature with her literal outlook on right and wrong as she fought for justice in the court system. I am not a huge fan of law dramas, but this is one of the exceptions because she is just delightful.

Missing: The Other Side

Do you live for the next great murder mystery drama? If this is you, I still have the perfect positive (murder-themed) drama for you to binge. Missing: The Other Side follows our protagonist Kim Wook as he acquires the ability to see ghosts. Specifically, those who live in a ghost village, trapped between life and the afterlife. Kim Wook helps them pass on to the next step by finding their bodies and discovering the reason for their death. I love how connecting with all these ghosts changes Kim Wook’s outlook and helps him discover empathy for others. It is truly a heart-warming drama with a side of murder.

What are your favorite heartwarming dramas? Let me know in the comments and be sure to come back and check out my future drama recommendations.

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