Top 8 Kpop MVs: Fresh Faces

It has been an absolutely phenomenal year in Kpop, with countless new groups debuting — my playlists overflow with amazing songs and equally fantastic MVs. As we wrap up 2023, I have one more batch of fresh-faced, energetic rookies who should not be missed!! Join me in finishing the year strong with these eight great tracks!!


This newly debuted 8-member team is starting off today’s list with bang! A simple but strong drumbeat forms the backbone to their song. But it was the cheeky whistle during the chorus drop that captured my full attention!! 

82MAJOR – ‘Sure Thing’ 

The self intro, the catchy beat, and the well-balanced vocals and rap line make this song hard not to love! It’s like sunshine breaking through the clouds on a dreary day. Really love the energy of this rookie group!!


Fantasy Boys don’t mess around —their first comeback track is punchy and bold. Comprised of eleven members from Korea, China, and Japan, this team is bringing both diversity and loads of talent to the stage! 

Catch The Young – ‘Cactus Boy’

I’m always on the look-out for new K-bands, but Catch the Young caught me off guard! Showcasing strong vocals and confident mastery of their instruments, it’s hard not to be impressed with this debut rock ballad — can’t wait to hear more from these five guys!!

EASTSHINE – ‘Double Down’

The groovy bass beat in ‘Double Down’ had me jamming along to this title track right away! The song has a bright and playful vibe, which is mirrored perfectly in the styling of the music video. This group is already living up to their name and shining brightly!!  

AMPERS&ONE – ‘On and On’

Following in the footsteps of their company seniors, SF9 and P1Harmony, this new seven-member boy group has made a strong debut with their single ‘On and On’! Loving their college boy concept and smooth choreo!! 

ONE PACT – ‘Must Be Nice’

Debuting with a pop-ballad isn’t typical in K-pop, but it was a brilliant choice for One Pact!! This song really highlights all the beautiful vocalists, melodic raps, and vocal harmonies — can’t wait to hear more from this team!

DV.OL – ‘Journey’

DV.OL is still a pre-debut group, but I’ve already fallen in love with this song and performance video! ‘Journey’ is a bop and the enthusiasm of these five members is contagious — looking forward to checking out their first album soon!!

Whew! We made it!!! Which team(s) stand out most for you?!? Drop down to the comments and let me know—



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