I’ve Been Stockholmed: My Man is Cupid Random Thoughts and First Impressions

My Man is Cupid is one of those dramas that has some positives and quite a few negatives. Come find out my feelings over the first ten episodes, and whether I will continue to watch.

Synopsis: (AmazonPrime)

Star-crossed love story between a love fairy and a human girl, for humans and fairies aren’t meant to be. When he accidentally shoots himself and falls in love, their fate takes a wrong turn. The two reconnect after centuries of reincarnation. Where will this story lead?

All of the online buzz about this drama has been pretty quiet. This could be because it is on Amazon Prime, a streaming service that doesn’t come to one’s mind when you think of Kdramas. Or it could be because it stars a cast of known but not A-list actors. For me, it was because our Discord peeps were not chatting it up. So why did I get around to pushing play? Good old fashion FOMO. Drama Geek popped in and declared that she was going to give this drama a try. And, not wanting to be left out, I pushed play. Then, despite not feeling the OTP’s (One True Pairing) chemistry, I continued to watch.

So I am one of those types of watchers who will start working on a project (blogs, crafts, folding laundry) and just have a show on in the background. I am the queen of multitasking. So, occasionally, a mediocre drama that has a bunch of episodes I haven’t watched will be playing for multiple hours, but it’s something that I don’t feel I need to be invested in. Usually, these are shows that are easy to throw to the side and forget. Sometimes I get hooked and go back, but often I just decide that I am fine without going further. Until this drama, where I totally got Stockholmed.

That is right. This drama–with so many flashbacks you could create your own drinking game and get sloshed every episode–hooked me. A drama where the heroine has never seen a sketchy alley she wouldn’t walk down. A drama where the male lead has a total of three expressions (I am pretty sure that rom-coms are not Jang Dong Yoon’s strong suit.) In his defense, I think some of the problems are the director as well…and I am used to him being in much more serious roles where his acting style excels. Either way, 90% of the time, I am not getting the love vibes. All of this should equal me dumping this drama faster than the killer can find a new person to murder. Instead, I sat down and ten hours later, I am wondering what I am doing with my life. Let’s discuss some of what does work for this show, so I can prove it isn’t all because I am too lazy to click the remote to something else.

There are two reasons I think that this drama isn’t a total failure, and I feel I can recommend it to you drama addicts out there. First, the serial killer mystery. Three times this year I have been able to enjoy a serial killer storyline where I didn’t figure out the who and the why in the first half of the show. I love chatting with all our Discord Patreon Peeps, guessing who might be the killer, who is going to die next, and when the people surrounding our leads realize that there is something supernatural in their midst. It is just a ton of fun.

Second, Nana is legit funny. Is she sometimes a bit manic? Yes, but she adds the levity the romance desperately needs. I am thoroughly enjoying her in this role. They even let her look like she actually has a career and works for a living. She often did actual dog-related stuff at her vet practice, and it wasn’t just a prop to create some kind of characteristic that will never be seen again once we get past episode one. It took them at least seven episodes before we forgot they had to do things like work for a living. (Hey, the bar is not high in this category. Half of the shows right now have characters working in the office, which consists of them staring at a computer, clicking a mouse, and then going off to get coffee and run into whomever is needed to move the romance along.) So Nana’s character actually dealing with live, injured (all fake injuries, I am sure) animals is a step up from most shows. YAY for progress.

What all of my ramblings mean (other than the fact that I have binged way too much of this drama and am lacking sleep) is that at the end of the day, this drama is kind of fun. It has its flaws, enough flaws you could shoot a magical arrow at it. But I am invested in the story, the romance, and even the annoying Cupid brothers. So whether it is kdrama Stockholm or just a show that didn’t find its legs until episode 6, I am thoroughly looking forward to Friday, when I can watch the next episode and hopefully figure out what the heck is going on in this love-saturated show.

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5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Stockholmed: My Man is Cupid Random Thoughts and First Impressions

  1. If you like this even maybe unwillingly, you should check out Like Flowers in the Sand, it pulls you in alot faster than Cupid and Jang Dong-yoon is so amazing in this. His character is so Earnest, and so very likable, it’s great to see that the set back caused by Joseon Exorcist was not long standing.

  2. I looked at the ears in that photo and thought, “Wait, is that Park Ki Woong?” and indeed it was! I think I’ll take a look at it for him. A hardworking lead actor who somehow has been moved to supporting roles.

  3. I’m watching it and it’s not great. In fact I thought it was only 12 episodes long and not 16, imagine my disappointment when episode 12 (like all the other episodes) ended abruptly. Ugh! I too got sucked in because of a few Instagram clips, and well, FOMO. I’ll keep watching it because I want to know who the serial killer is, but there is no chemistry between the leads. Zero. Too many flashbacks and they’re just not explaining things, at all. So yeah, I’ll finish it, but begrudgingly.

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