Top Kpop MVs: Stray Kids Ballads

Y’all know that we love our Stray Kids around here, and have from the very beginning. From Felix’s alluring deep voice to 3RACHA’s captivating raps to Bangchan’s impeccable songwriting and producing skills to their INCREDIBLE stage presence, these idols have what it takes to make the world sit up and pay attention. 


This is from their early days and their voices haven’t fully matured yet (trust me, there’s a difference), but this haunting ballad captured my attention from the very beginning. “Voices,” “Grow Up,” and “My Pace” brought me in, but “Chronosaurus” made me STAY. 

“Waiting for Us”

The warm wistfulness of this song drew me in at first listen, and it’s just so COMFORTABLE. I mean, how could a song with the closing lines “As much as you’ve waited, I’ll hug you with my whole body” not be comfortable? 


Love songs to entire fandoms will always be my favorite, and “#LoveSTAY” is no exception. I really can feel their sincerity, you know? How can you not love them when they love STAY so much?


This song has stuck with me from the first moment it dropped on YouTube, before it was readily available on streaming services everywhere. How do I explain the emotions I feel? I don’t think I can, so just sit back and let Bangchan and Changbin enchant your ears, won’t you?

“Wish You Back”

Han’s solo effort for Stray Kids: SKZ-RECORD has been on my lists for as long as “Streetlight.” There’s something about a rapper singing that is just captivating, and “Wish You Back” has Han doing both. SWOON.

“Cover Me”

From the Stray Kids latest album, ROCK-STAR, this emotion-laden ballad gripped me and would NOT let go. Listen to the soaring vocals on the chorus and tell me you don’t feel anything. I dare you.  

Keeping this list to just six songs was so, SO difficult, music fans. It was like trying to choose my favorite child (don’t tell my kids I said that). What Stray Kids songs are your favorites? Share them down below so we can fangirl together!

Until the next amazing album drops, I remain – 

Karie the Maknae

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