The Last Immortal: Was this worth watching?

I just finished The Last Immortal and I have a ton of thoughts. I am going to try and share these without sharing too much of the actual plot, because, despite a few flaws, this drama is worth watching. So come join me as I explain what I enjoyed and what I wish could have been different.

Not Reinventing the Wheel

This drama is similar to many other Chinese fantasy dramas where we have gods and lower gods all going through tribulations and upgrades. And, of course, our leads are not exempt from these tribulations. Like most dramas of this genre, one of them is the foretold “calamity event” of the other. To be honest, I wish we used the calamity trope a little less liberally in Chinese dramas. There are only so many times you watch the supporters of the higher elevated character be jerks to the poor entity that ends up causing a calamity event. Is it the love interest’s fault that she (it is almost always a she) exists and the fates are screwing her over? Not to mention, aren’t calamity events supposed to help elevate cultivation so the person always becomes stronger in the long run? I am just over it.

Character Growth x2

I appreciated that we got to see both of our characters grow in this drama. They meet when both are young, have quick tempers, and run on their impulses. It was nice to watch them shift from frenemy to compatriots, and eventually to lovers/rulers of the three realms. We don’t always get that in-depth character growth and it was appreciated. That said, you will have to get through some silliness in the first few episodes. It can be a bit off-putting, but I guarantee the effort is worth the reward later on.

Some Great Redemption Arcs

Several characters are just horrible (one in particular) and you just want them to get their comeuppance. However, there were several plot arcs where redemption happened. While I would like to see some of them boiled in oil for 1000 years, their redemption moments were powerful and helped create some surprises in this traditional story. So yay for being surprised and for a story’s bad guys having layers.

Is This Worth Watching?

I would have to say that this drama is worth watching. Despite there not being any new plot twist that will have you hooked, this show remains steady from start to end. It is especially worth watching for Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu’s performances. Their up-and-down relationship has a sense of gravitas thanks to their strong portrayal of these characters and their eventual epic romance. It really is worth going through all the traditional drama motions for that payoff.

If you go out and binge this drama (or have already watched it and just popping in) be sure to come back and tell me what you thought. Also, be sure to stop back in and check out all our past and future drama reviews.

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3 thoughts on “The Last Immortal: Was this worth watching?

  1. I did watch this and found myself applying the fast forward button much more than I expected. The journey to find all the missing spiritual parts was interesting but the FL began to pall. Scene after scene of “I”m so innocent I’m silly” just drained the viewing energy. I think that’s why I did like the side and/or evil characters so much more. It was also worth it waiting around for He Kai Lang’s square jaw to show up. He reminded me of Lin Bo Rui, who played Shang Que in “Love between Fairy and Devil.” I gave it a 3.5 on my MDL. Perhaps this means I’m coming to the end of my tolerance for Zhao Luis?

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