Kpop MVs: Sailing with ATEEZ

With several big changes looming for my family at the beginning of 2024, I had braced myself for stormy seas. But miraculously, the skies cleared and the water calmed and we were delighted to enjoy some unexpectedly smooth sailing!! What better way to celebrate this fortunate turn of events than with a brand new playlist from my favorite pirates! Hop aboard if you want to join me for this week’s Kpop journey. . . 

I’ve said it before, but I am a most unabashedly proud ATINY!! So I am delighted to share a mix of recent releases and fan favorites, highlighting the exceptional talents of this amazing performance group. 


It’s hard to pick favorites when running through ATEEZ’s discography, but I will go down with the ship, claiming this underrated B-side as my ultimate track! I love how much fun they are having during this live stage, showcasing the Spanish guitar version of the song!! (They’re all trying sooooo hard not to dance the accompanying choreo, lol.) I’m still waiting to see this song live — crossing all my fingers and toes that they have added it to the track list for their next world tour!

Karie the Maknae already shared the first of four brand new unit MVs, ‘MATZ,’ in one of her recent posts, but I have to gush about it too — I absolutely LOVED the old-school (think 1990’s) hip-hop vibes!! And yes, I’m totally that crazy Kpop mom, blasting this track from my minivan as I run errands!

‘IT’s You’ – Yeosang, San & WooYoung

‘IT’s You’, the next MV to be released, features the WooSanSang team, aka BOS (반오십/Ban-Oh-Ship, meaning half of 50, referring to the age of the team members)! This sultry pop ballad has it all — gorgeous high notes, smokey low tones, and killer choreography. BOS are proving to be one dangerous trio!!

‘Warriors’ – San

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched this clip!! Not only is San a beautiful vocalist, but he has been hard at work perfecting his dance skills. I enjoy Imagine Dragons’ discography, and this cover performance of ‘Warriors’ is absolutely phenomenal — the way San immerses himself in his character throughout the song is incredibly powerful and captivating!!

‘Hug Me’ – YeoSang

I’m delighted to give YeoSang some much deserved attention for this sensational cover of Jung Joonil’s ‘Hug Me’! The simple piano and strings arrangement allows his vocals to take center stage — his robust lower register is just dreamy, but he also hits those high notes with ease!! Absolutely fantastic!!

‘Youth’ – MinGi & YunHo

In the third unit video, YunGi (aka the “twin towers of ATEEZ”) take center stage! I just adore the camaraderie of this duo. MinGi gets to flex as rapper AND singer-songwriter on this track, while YunHo shows show off his perfect vocals and superior dance talents!! Don’t let the chill vibe of the song deceive you though . . . the lyrics dive deep and the accompanying MV imagery made me super emotional as I watched this story unfold.

‘Everything’ – JongHo

Last but, but most definitely NOT least, ATEEZ’s maknae brings his breathtaking solo song to the screen in this final unit MV! JongHo’s vocal range and depth is no joke and ‘Everything’ is a stunning track. The power and the passion expressed through his singing is truly unmatched — I think it’s safe to say JongHo is one of the best 4th Gen Kpop vocalists out there!!

‘So You’ – JongHo

If you don’t believe my last statement, just watch JongHo’s cover of ‘So You’ on Immortal Songs. This competition program does not allow singers to use a backing track and few Kpop idols have had the opportunity to stand on this stage to perform. His rendition of this song is flawless and the a cappella section at the end brings me to tears every time!!

‘Windy Road’

ATEEZ, as a group, has been invited to Immortal Songs six times, taking home four winner’s trophies for their spectacular stages!! Their most recent appearance to date has become my favorite one yet. Maybe it’s the uniforms, or maybe it’s the uplifting and triumphal feel of the song, but each member performed impeccably and I always feel such surge of pride for this team at the conclusion of the song!!

Bonus Track — ‘Dancing Like Butterfly Wings’ (Tour edition)

As ATEEZ get set to kick off their next world tour this weekend, I have to bring back this energetic and joyful compilation of ‘DLBW’ from their previous “Fellowship” tour stops! I don’t know who has more fun: ATEEZ performing for ATINY or ATINY seeing ATEEZ perform live?!?! One thing’s for sure–I cannot wait to see them again!!!

Thank you setting sail with me this week and allowing me to passionately fangirl over ATEEZ! If you’re a fellow ATINY, I would love to know how long you’ve been a fan, who’s your bias, and which is your favorite track — share with me in the comments below!!

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2 thoughts on “Kpop MVs: Sailing with ATEEZ

  1. Love the sub-unit songs as well, each of them have their own flavors and heat!
    Jongho’s “So You”, YeoSang’s “Hug Me”, Spanish guitar version’s “Promise” and ATEEZ’s Windy Road are still consistently rotating in my playlist together with “Stay”, “Leave the door open”, “Love Poem”, Kingdom’s version of “Wonderland” & “Answer”, and JH’s “Gravity”!! Other than the covers and live stages, my list can keep going when come to ATEEZ! LOL.

    • YES!!! ATEEZ’s covers, of not only their own songs (thank you Kingdom for those epic tracks!), but of both Korean and Western artists, are truly top-notch!! I really don’t think ATEEZ has released a song yet (original or cover) that I’ve not liked — they are truly a ‘no-skip’ group for me!!

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