Top 6 Kpop MVs: Bold & Bright

While music and lyrics always comes first, a bold and captivating MV will also draw the listener into the story of a song. Sometimes it means playing with the contrast of light and dark, other times it’s an in-your-face kaleidoscope of colors. Today’s line-up features a variety of amazing new tracks and equally bold accompanying visuals!! Join me after the jump—

I just couldn’t wait to share these two MVs, so first up is a double-dose of the extraordinarily talented TEN! –

‘Night Walker’

I’m loving this title track from TEN’s first ever solo album!! The music, both addictive and powerful, is complimented by the alternating staccato and soaring vocals. The stark black and white aesthetic of the MV matches the spooky theme of the song perfectly!! I think we can all agree that TEN looks better with eyebrows though, lol.

‘Performance Film : 10’

My ult dancer in all of Kpop is the unmatched Taemin, but coming in at a VERY close second is TEN. This new performance video perfectly showcases his dance talents!! The first part, set to ‘Water,’ mimics the title of the song with beautifully fluid and flowing movements. However, in the second half, his style shifts to match the track ‘Dangerous’ with sharp angles and beat-driven choreo!! Dreaming of the day when I can see him perform live!! 

ITZY – ‘Untouchable’

The opening techo-pop beats, featured again in the chorus, had me grooving along to this new drop from ITZY! The theme of the song was subliminally echoed in the dystopian styling and stark contrast of light and dark in the MV — simple but powerful storytelling! 

P1Harmony – ‘Killin’ It’

This new track from P1Harmony has super groovy vibe — loving the back and forth between the rap flows and the vocal runs!! The song is all about being extra, and the over-the-top styling and bold colors match the energy of the music perfectly. Also, the nerd girl I am LOVES that they managed to incorporate the sport of curling into this MV!!!

LIL LEAGUE – ‘Lollipop’

This JPop rookie group popped up out of nowhere for me, but I was immediately taken with the quirky sound of this song! The spooky carnival backdrop of the MV is dark but filled with pops of color, keeping up the energetic and bright feel of the music. Also, can we talk about those members with the low-tone vocals?!? I am LOVING those voices!!

BIBI – ‘Bam Yang Gang’

I’m actually accustomed to an edgier version of singer BIBI, so I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked play on this whimsical and jazzy ballad! Lovely vocals and a simple story about a girl and her one wish: sweet chestnut, red bean jelly. The soft pink and purple hues of her dream world made this MV the perfect sweet treat!!

Which MV most captivated you this week?? Share your favorites in the comments below!!



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