Top 6 Kpop MVs: The Perfect Prescription

It’s been a loooong week at my house, with two-thirds of the family (yours truly included) taken down by the cold-bug of the month. More than ever, I’ve needed a good dose of music to get me up and moving. Thankfully, Kpop has just the perfect prescription of songs that meet me where I’m at, and also give me an energy boost! Let the healing begin—

ATEEZ – ‘Not Okay’

Considering how I’ve been feeling, the timing of this new ATEEZ JP single could not have been more perfect!  I LOVE the sound of this track — the rap lines are excellent and it finishes strong with a goose-bump-inducing, anthem-style chant. No, I’m not okay, but as long as I can keep listening to my favorite pirates, I know it’s going to be ALL GOOD!!

Moon Byul – ‘Touchin’ and Movin’’

Absolutely loving Moon Byul’s upbeat vibe in this recent release! Always impressed with this rapper’s great vocals and fun, unique styling. And after reading a recent article about how dancing is the number one way to battle the blues, this song is just what the doctor ordered!! 

n.SSign – ‘Happy &’

This new JP comeback track from rookies n.SSign is indeed full of HAPPY, with an extra dose of nostalgia! The bright and sunny vocals are perfectly paired with the vibrant colors of the MV concept. The chorus easily invites you to sing along —guaranteed good vibes coming right up!!

Aimers – ‘Somebody’

Debuting a little over a year ago, this group’s newest song was a no-brainer add to my playlist! The beat is super catchy, and the contrast of desert versus urban backdrops for the MV was unexpected! You can’t beat the lyrics — these boys are here for you! 

TRI.BE – ‘Diamond’

I am always so delighted when there’s a track that pops up with a totally unique sound! ‘Diamond’ is a perfect example — the tropical Latin beat is cool and refreshing. With multiple lower tone singers in this group, the vocals are also easy on the ears!! Definitely keeping these girls on my radar.

Cha Eun Woo – ‘Where Am I’

Astro’s Eun Woo has dropped his very first solo album and he is DEEP in his feels! Admittedly, the lyrics and MV concept hit hard in this ballad. But his voice is just so comforting, like a warm blanket wrapped around your tender heart. Anyone else hitting that replay button??

Bonus Track: Cha Eun Woo – ‘As Long As You Love Me’

I love when Kpop reaches out and brings me back to my teenage years, and Cha Eun Woo did just that!! At his recent fan meeting in Malaysia, he brought a beautiful cover of this Backstreet Boys song. As you can tell from this fancam, I’m not the only one excited to be singing along!!

How are we feeling, my fellow Kpop fans — which song was your perfect prescription?? Let me know in the comments below!!



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