Top 6 Kpop MVs: The Boys are Bringing It!

It was a tough decision to narrow down the collection to just six artists this week! A boy group comeback, fresh solo tracks, hip-hop vibes, and the return of a 2nd generation star take center stage on this male-dominated playlist. Powerful and passionate performances all around — it’s seriously SO hard to pick favorites. Join me after the jump and see for yourself!!

Cravity – ‘Love or Die’

Cravity isn’t messing around – ‘Love or Die’ kicks off without preamble and keeps up a strong and steady beat from start to finish! Maybe it’s just me, but the styling and concept for this MV feels a little U-Kiss nostalgic, which I’m totally digging!!

DaeSung – ‘Falling Slowly’

I’m not sure we’ll ever get another Big Bang reunion . . . but at least DaeSung is here to fill the void with a fantastic new single! His warm-toned voice is perfect for this heartbreaking pop-ballad. For the K-drama fans, it’s an exciting surprise to see Kim SeonHo and Moon GaYoung starring in the mini-drama MV accompanying this track!! 

WooSeok – ‘Navy Blue’

I love, love, love this song!!! Versatile vocals? Check. Kpop idol playing guitar? Check! Gorgeous MV backdrop? Check! A total bop of a song?! Check!!! Seriously, there’s nothing here not to love!! *hits the replay button*

YoonDo – ‘Alone’

I’ve swooned hard for this new artist — YoonDo has an absolutely beautiful set of pipes!! As soon as ‘Alone’ began playing, I HAD to stop what I was doing just to be still and listen. My only disappointment is that this new song is a standalone single. I need to hear more!!

YANGDONGHWA – ‘Blackout’

A very solid debut offering from new artist YANGDONGHWA! I was instantly captivated by his song and its sultry sound. But I think it was the theatrical nature of the accompanying MV concept that made this performance complete for me!! 

Brown Tigger – ‘Brown Night’

Whatever I was expecting when I saw the thumbnail for the MV was not what sprang forth from my speakers when I pushed play! Brown Tigger’s alternating lyrical and staccato rap flows are impressive, and paired with the strong Latin beat of this track, it makes a surprisingly perfect package!! 

Bonus Track: Seo EunKwang – ‘Rock Star’

I could not pass up the opportunity to share this AMAZING performance from the Immortal Songs stage. BtoB member EunKwang was recently on an episode dedicated to covering Korean icon Kim BumSoo’s songs. EunKwang’s rendition of ‘Rock Star’ COMPLETELY blew away the competition!! After watching this, you’ll understand why he’s one of the singers on my short list of artists I MUST see perform live!!

Can you see why it was tough to pick favorites for today’s list of new MV’s?!?! Until the next playlist—



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