Top 6 Kpop MVs: Keeping Korean Trot Contemporary

When iKon member Song dropped a new solo album, I was super surprised to find his title track was a trot song!! Yet it was just the nudge I needed to share another collection of Korean trot music. This style of song is not only an integral part of Korean culture, but a really unique and engaging genre of music! So come dive in and check out my recent finds!!

BTF4 – ‘Nice Man’

Imagine if a Kpop boy band covered a trot song. . . . This is the vibe ‘Nice Man’ gives and I am loving it!!! As regular members of the TV trot series, The Burning Roses, these four talented solo artists (Min SooHyun, Kim JungYeon, Park MinSu, GongHoon) have come together as the group BTF4. And their debut pop-trot single is so catchy and fun to watch! 

Kim NaHee – ‘흔들지마요’

Actress and singer Kim NaHee is delightful in this newly released trot track! I was immediately taken with the upbeat tempo and enjoyed the retro-styling of the MV. I just couldn’t help but bop along!!

Song – It’s Call

You know it’s a good trot song when you can’t tell if it’s a cover or an original new piece! Song really captures the vibe and essence of the trot sound, along with the accompanying choreography, but keeps things fresh with contemporary lyrics and a dash of rap! It’s the perfect package!!

Jeong DongWon – ‘Monologue’

I couldn’t do a post about this genre of music without including a trot ballad! Debuting on the music scene at just 12 years old, Jeong DongWon (now 16) is confidently making a name for himself in the world of trot. I was captivated by his passionate performance of this song, portraying emotions beyond his years.

Kim SoYeon – ‘Pick Me’

I think it’s safe to say trot music is in capable hands with the younger generations! Nineteen-year-old Kim SoYeon is capturing all the trot feels with her song ‘Pick Me’ from her first EP album. So happy the Korean youth are keeping this brand of music alive and well for years to come!!

Unbalance – ‘NEVER’

Created as a project group through the Korean variety show Beat Coin, Unbalance brings this great Latin-infused, trot-pop single that unexpectedly AWESOME! Comprised of two comedians, two models, and singer Wooyoung from 2PM, you would never guess this combination could create a hit, but you would be wrong — so much fun!!

What do you think, Kpop fans?! Do you have any trot songs making their way onto your regular playlists?? Drop down to the comments below and let me know!!



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