Top 9 Kpop MVs: Spring Break Beats

I think we can all agree — spring break is not a break for moms! Downtime has been a sporadic luxury this week, which means I’m sneaking in my Kpop streaming when I can. There has been no shortage of new music to keep me entertained, but it’s a blessing and curse! Great songs, yet not enough time in the day to enjoy them all!! Come check out the recent releases that were all instant additions to my playlist!!

DAY6 – ‘Welcome to the Show’

I adore DAY6 and was SUPER excited when I found out they had released new music!  This title track gives anthem vibes and is a total bop that had me dancing and singing along! And as a fun bonus for my fellow Kdrama fans, Yoo SeungHo is featured as the leading character in the MV storyline — SO cute!! 

SEVENUS – ‘Want You Back’

With a name like SEVENUS, I was expecting a whole team of members, but this rookie group is only two singers strong. Great vocals and visuals, and a rock-band style song!? I was ALL in as soon as the chorus hit!! The rest of their new album Spring Canvas is worth a spin too… 

Highlight – ‘Body’

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since Highlight dropped a new album. But if this title track is any indication, it was worth the wait!! This song has a strong dance beat, and I love that whistle accent in the background of the chorus. Plus, the MV styling is fantastic — Lee GiKwang in suspenders for the win!! 

xikers – ‘We Don’t Stop’

I am loving the new xikers album!! ‘We Don’t Stop’ is the perfect choice to lead the comeback rounds. This song is great for getting hyped-up! And while the post-chorus drop is most excellent, it’s the old school ’90’s hip-hop feels following the bridge that is absolute perfection!! 

ChungHa – ‘Eenie Meenie’ (feat HongJoong of ATEEZ)

ChungHa recently released this fun new single! The pop beat is slow and steady throughout, with a simple acoustic guitar accent, allowing her vocals to be the focal point of the song. And the ideal compliment to her vibe and styling for this track is HongJoong with his flawless rap break!! 

The Boyz – ‘Nectar’

Every other comeback, The Boyz bring a bright and fun theme to their music and MVs — it’s my favorite version of them!  A combination of nostalgia and celebration, the lyrics “sweet like nectar” are the perfect description of this new song! Stick around after the music is over; you don’t want miss the cute outtakes!!

TEMPEST – ‘Lighthouse’

Tempest is continuing to bring engaging new songs each album drop — I’ve fallen hard for the bright, tropical-flavored chorus of ‘Lighthouse’!! This is most certainly going to be one of those instant-replay tracks on my song list!!

LAS – ‘Sorrow At My Door’

From its opening notes, this song gave me the same feels as *that* OST from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. This duo’s vocals blend together so beautifully, making this sad riverside walk all that more emotional.

XODIAC – ‘Heyday’

Rookie group Xodiac captured my attention with their newest single. This group of nine (which includes members from Hong Kong and Indonesia) has enchanting harmonies!! I especially liked the flow of the pre-chorus — such a light and sweet pop-ballad!

How’s your spring break soundtrack shaping up? Let me know in the comments below!



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