Top 5 Kpop MVs: Digging Deeper

As I perused my holding queue of new music today, these non-mainstream releases all caught my attention. I love digging deeper and shining a light on songs that would otherwise fly under the radar. The MVs might not be flashy, but each one of these tracks is captivating in their own way. Ready to see what you’re missing?! 

B.I – ‘Wish You Were Here’

I can always count on B.I to deliver a solid song, and his recent Japanese album drop does not disappoint! ‘Wish You Were Here’ is an easy-going pop ballad, with the focus on his distinctive vocals. If you love this song, check out the rest of the album here

Nam DongHyun – ‘Love Bugatee’

Formerly known by his stage name Boyhood, Nam DongHyun is now releasing new tracks as himself. From the opening notes of this rock ballad, I fell hard for his deep vocal tone. This song was an immediate playlist add for me! I also LOVED this fantastic album

1000° (천도) – ‘Like Always’

A new singer-songwriter to the scene, I was immediately captivated by 천도’s unique vocal color! The mood of the song is relaxed, with just a simple guitar backing. I will definitely be keeping this talented young artist on my future release radar! 

Shaun – ‘Easy’

Most well-known for his hit song ‘Come Back Home’, Shaun is back with a new single that features his great vocals and gives all the same feels — I’m already hitting the replay button!! And bonus, the all-English lyrics make it easy to sing along!

TABLO – ‘1000 Years’ (ft. J.SHEON)

Tablo’s newest track drop is an emotional journey. His rich storytelling-style rapping is perfectly complimented by Chinese singer J.Sheon’s beautiful climactic vocals in the chorus. It’s a fantastic performance piece — best to give the MV a couple viewings to peel back all the layers . . .

What are some of your favorite underrated tracks?? Drop down to the comments and share!! 



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