Top 6 Kpop MVs: Captivating Comebacks

The boys are all bringing new music faster than I can add it to my playlist! It’s a great mix of vibes this week — broken hearts, growing pains, and dancing for days. Come join me on this journey as we run through new releases from 2nd generation Kpop veterans to rookies bursting with talent!  

Super Junior D&E – ‘Rose’

One of SuJu’s more recognizable unit groups, Donghae and Eunhyuk, are back with a new EP! This B-side might be playing out a sad story, but I love the way their vocals intertwine and balance each as the song unfolds. Plus the desert scenery in the MV is an unexpected, yet fitting, change of pace from the typical SK outdoor shoots!

Pagaehun (& Kkanbyeongz) – ‘Play with Me’

I just recently introduced y’all to this rookie solo artist and he’s already back with another fun single! Pagaehun pairs his charming vocal talents with the street dance team, Kkanbyeongz, to create this energetic MV — but it’s the cute Do-Re-Mi chorus that really sold me on this song!! 

EPEX – ‘Youth2Youth’

EPEX is bringing great harmonies and anthem feels in this song celebrating the ups and downs of growing up and navigating their 20’s. The music and rhythm of the pre-chorus drop is a beautifully unique set-up! I also loved the crisp and powerful group choreo on the chorus!!

Bang Yongguk – ‘Movimiento’

Former B.A.P. leader, Youngguk, is back with a new mini-album, and yet again it was this b-side that caught my attention! The strong club beat on this song really makes me want to jump up and start dancing too! The best part of this MV was watching him free-style his way through the house and gardens — inside or out, sometimes you just gotta dance!!  

ONF – ‘Bye My Monster’

I’m not sure what I was expecting in this new title track from ONF, but the FT Island throwback feels were NOT on my radar! I’m totally digging this theatrical sounding mix of piano, strings and rock band! Paired with the dystopian concept of the MV, it’s a lot to unpack. . . I’m definitely going be looping this song for a while! 

TXT – ‘Deja Vu’

The boys of TXT are back with another mini-album drop! While I’m not totally familiar with the nuances of their storyline and lore at present, I can still appreciate a great song and vocals when I hear it! Does anyone else find it interesting that TXT doesn’t have rap sections in their songs?? 

Keep those excellent playlists spinning! Until next time—



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