Top 5 Kpop MVs: Rockin’ with the Bands

This past week saw kids converging on my house, bringing a guitar, a bass, and amps, to join my son (on drums) and practice their rock band beats. While my neighbors might not be thrilled, I am absolutely ecstatic seeing another generation so passionate about music! It’s with that same enthusiasm that I want to share these recently released K-band tracks! Are you ready to rock?! 

Peppertones – ‘Riders’

Fellow computer science students turned bandmates, the Peppertones are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year! Maybe that’s why this upbeat rock song is giving some delightful throwback feels. It’s a slow build, but by the end just know you WILL be up and dancing along!!

ONEWE – ‘Beautiful Ashes’

ONEWE IS BACK!!! I hadn’t realized how much I missed Yonghoon’s vocals. He and bandmate Kanghyun have returned from their military service and we are blessed to have the whole band together once again for a new album! This beautiful, yet heartbreaking, rock-ballad is the perfect comeback track!!

Rolling Quartz – ‘Stand Up’

Girl bands rock!! And Rolling Quartz has rolled out with another hit single! I love the jazzy-rock rhythm of the song — these ladies are brilliant on their instruments and vocals!! The addition of traditional Korean artistic elements in the MV is perfect!! 

Catch the Young – ‘Voyager’

This rookie group, Catch the Young, has hit the comeback scene with their second EP album! ‘Voyager’ is bringing a bright and summer-y rock-ballad vibe — I’m loving the warm and vivid color palette they utilized for the MV concept. But, of course, it’s the marvelous layering of music and vocal harmonies that made me add this song to my playlist!

Lucy – ‘The Knight Who Can’t Die and the Silk Cradle’

I love the unique and oftentimes whimsical flavor that Lucy brings to their songs; however, this new single deviates just a tiny bit! The driving beat of this particular track is matched in the MV with an animation that is constantly on the move. Take a deep breath before you hit play and be prepared for a fast and furious musical journey!!

Bonus Track: M.O.N.T – ‘마음대로 해’

This boy group isn’t actually billed as a band . . . BUT they are bringing a great rock-band sound, so I’m sneaking them on this list! With a “see-if-I-care” kind of attitude, this song is a total rebellious mood — a mood I can definitely relate to on occasion. Enjoying this versatile trio a bunch!! 

It’s only Friday… how will you be rockin’ your way into the weekend?? Share with me in the comments below!!



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