Top 6 Kpop MVs: Running to the Finish Line

We are down to the last five weeks of school here (how has this year passed by SO FAST already?!), and juggling all the end of year activities is setting my head spinning! The new music this week seems to match my mood–frantic and intense!! Thankfully there are a couple relaxed songs as well, to balance things out and help me catch my breath. This is the perfect mix to keeping running with your busy schedule — ready to hit play??

BOYNEXTDOOR – ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’

BOYNEXTDOOR cranks up the intensity with this title track from their newest album drop! I’m especially enjoying the rapid-fire rap runs and the energetic chorus! Producer Zico is doing a great job with this team’s music styling — it’s fresh and fun!!

Kim WooJin – ‘I Like The Way’

We are getting an all new side of Kim WooJin in this dark and powerful comeback song. I like the way he smoothly shifts between his chest and head voice! Paired with the strong bass backbeat of the music, it’s very magnetic!! 

KISUM – ’30’

Debuting in 2013, I can’t believe this great single is the first time I’m hearing this talented rapper-songwriter! I absolutely love her tone and flow — the lyrics, especially in the chorus, make this song oh-so-relatable!!

Lee Jin Hyuk – ‘Relax’

The change up in delivery of Lee Jin Hyuk’s rapping style and his vocal tone throughout this song makes me feel I’m listening to a whole kpop group, not a solo artist!! The music, choreo, and MV styling all have a unique Indian influence, making this title track an excellent addition to the playlist! 

RIIZE – ‘Impossible’

The Euro-style dance beat seems to be a common theme among recent Kpop releases, and I think it’s fantastic!! ‘Impossible’ combines a hypnotic pulsing beat with some challenging upbeat dance moves — I might have already messaged my dance teacher about learning this choreo next!! 

JinJin (Astro) – ‘Fly’ (Duet with MoonBin)

It’s been a year since Kpop lost another shining talent too soon. Rapper and bandmate, JinJin, released this beautiful duet with the late MoonBin. Gone, but never forgotten, this is a moving tribute to MoonBin’s memory.

Bonus Track: Big Ocean – ‘Glow’

I had to highlight this amazing new K-Pop group!! Debuting this week, Big Ocean is comprised of three members who all have varying degrees of hearing impairment. They have trained in KSL/ASL/ISL (three variations of sign language) and incorporate the lyrics into their choreography! They’ve already received a lot of support and positive reactions, and I’m hopeful they will have a long career in the music industry!! 

Thanks for sprinting thru the new music with me this week! Drop down to the comments and let me know which songs keep pace with you during your busy weeks!!



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